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Look at my god damn muscles

Make sure you hit 720 on the loading bar. The sound quality is so much better.

First official day back since Strep throat. Felt pretty good. I definitely wore my singlet underneath my clothes. I wish I could have whipped it out, but I would have looked like a faggot. The 180 here consists of guys in their early thirties to late thirties wearing super cut-offs who do upper body constantly and are really fucking tan. Not too many people in there actually lift. Basically a bunch of beach boys. I’ll hand it to em though. It is beach season.


Had to work the night before. 7 hours of standing in 90 degree heat in jeans and boots didn’t let me have a good lifting day.
Squat: 540×1
Bench: 385×1
Pull: 585 (MISS)


Powerclean: 195x1x6
Curls and shiiiiiiiitttttt.


Squat: 465×3/450×3/435×3
Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3/225×10
Pull Ups: 45lb platex5x3

Feeling good

I’m back in action. Gonna have my first day back at the gym since being sick on Friday. Heading in to do some stretching/rolling/working up to what feels good.

Here is Dustin showing off his skill



Squat: 405×2/455×5/475×2
Bench: 275×2/315×2/365×2
Deadlift: 405×1 (My grip was shot for some reason)
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Just messed around on some stuff. Since I was sick I was seeing what felt heavy and what didn’t. I’ll train again on Saturday and do some lighter work, then I’ll be right on track on Monday.


Sick again. Strep throat, again. My energy was sucked from me Friday. Went in to train. Supposed to hit 535×3, barely got it for a single. Stripped the bar and left the gym. Working Friday and Saturday surely didn’t help me feel any better. Getting some Z-Pack. Hopefull I’ll be back on track in about a week and a half.

Nothing is going to stop me from Squatting 550, Benching 390, and Pulling 600 at my next meet. Especially when I have the X-men soundtrack to listen to.

Btw, if you aren’t feeling good and are waiting on your real medicine to arrive, I suggest you take Toradol/Ketorolac. It’s like floating on top of an ocean wave.

Erik, isn’t it? . . . I prefer, Magneto.


Bill Starr Power Shrugs: 315x10x3 (Still no straps)
Powercleans: 185x1x5 (I personally don’t give a shit)
Tricep work: Pushdowns/Single-Hand Pushdowns/Close Pushupsx10x3


Squat: 470×5/455×5/440×5
Press: 225×5/210×3/195×5
Hot Nasty Curls: Dumbbellx10x3/Seatedx15x3

Open up your heart. What do you feel?

If you are an avid reader of 70’s Big and happen to check my blog, check this.

I’d like to think every one of you is a nice guy/gal. I’d LIKE to think that all of us have the same goals since we are here on this blog all the time. Guys want to get bigger/faster/stronger and the ladies want to put on some sexy curves for themselves and their counterparts, as well as become strong. So why don’t we all get along here?

When Justin takes time out of his day to write a new (FREE) post, don’t bitch about it. He has done us all a favor and written out several incredibly useful articles in regards to training. He has answered all of your e-mails (I was next to him when in a 30 second span he received 33 e-mails). He has hosted several chats and he has even had long phone conversations with some of you. So when he writes an article that you disagree with DON’T BITCH.

Here is a list of what not to do:

-Write a long winded post dis-owning 70’s Big as your source for entertainment/information
-Voice an opinion that is extremely biased
-Take what Justin says as LITERAL as possible
-Go on another website and bitch
-Bitch about being a pussy, get fucked.

Here is what you should do:

-Re-read the article to make sure you UNDERSTAND
-Voice your opinion in a non-confrontational manner
Ask questions before you assume
Ask questions before you assume (Yeah thats on there twice because a lot of you don’t do it)
-Realize what Justin does day in and out and realize how grateful you should be that there is someone out there with this kind of knowledge willing to help you FOR FREE.

I am not Justin. I don’t try to cater to all of the viewers needs. I see this shit day in and day out. I already hate everyone so please don’t make me hate you. Stop Whining about why you disagree with what people say. Respect the site and the authors and they will respect you.

Get ready for Coitus

The top comment is hilarious

Squat: 530×3
Bench: 375×2
Deadlift: 315x2xOn The Minx10 Min


Squat: 465×5/450×5/435×5
Bench: 325×5/315×5/300×5
Curls for da money


Seated Dumbbell Pressx10x3 (45lb)
Side Lateralsx10x3 (25lb)
Pull-Upsx5x3 (BW)

I also taught two of the guys I work with how to squat/bench/pull (Chase and Thomas). I have seen one of them knock out several people with one punch so I am interested in how getting stronger is going to work for him. He also wears deep tank-tops. Not everyone knows it’s beach season, but CHASE DOES.