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You think this is the real Quad???


Squat: 525×3 (PR)
Press: 250×3 (PR)
Deadlift: 540×2 (PR Double)


Squat: 465×5/450×5/435×5
Press: 210×5/195×5/180×5
Pull Upsx10x3 BW

Formin, Stormin, Norman, Performin

This is a best friend of mine. He hit a PR of 410×5 on Saturday. He has come a long way in training, since day 1. He has some dancers legs on him so try not to stare. His deadlift has cleaned up a lot over the course of his training, but it is still a Picasso in progress. Norman was busy in Afghanistan the past year and this was his first few pulls since he has been back.

Back at home

Currently back at home for the week. Couldn’t be any more awesome. No class. No work. It’s amazing.


Squat: 520×3 Butt-Raped
Bench: 370×3
Dynamic Effort Pulls: 315×2/On the Min for 10 Min


Bill Starr Power Shrugs: 455×10(?) Lost count
Big Money Biceps/Triceps


Squat: 430×5/445×5/460×5
Bench: 285×5/300×5/315×5
Weighted Pull-Upsx5x3 (45lb plate)


Pulled 570×1

Train hard.

Rowdy Rowdy Radeck

A close friend of mine Ryan plays right tackle at Vanderbilt. I decided to do a write up on him due to the fact that he is freakishly big in stature and freakishly strong as well. His attitude embodies the 70’s Big lifestyle.

Ryan is the Offensive Tackle for the Vanderbilt Commodores. He weighs in at a whopping 315 and at a height of 6’5 he is one large man. Don’t let this giant fool you though. He is as gentle as they come, off the field. On the field Ryan becomes the “Seymonster” (His other official name is the Scratchetory Raper. He D.J.’s on the side) .

Throughout his life he has viewed sports as the gateway to the life he dreams of. At the young age of six he started to play T-Ball and continued his journey in sports ever since. He has played Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Football and has even Wrestled. The high school he attended was Camden County high school. He gives credit to the lifting program there as to what unlocked his full training potential. He has stated that what he gained in the weight room let him blossom into the incredible ball player he is.

Early in Ryan’s sports career he wrestled at 171 and had little experience in the gym. By the time his senior year rolled around he walked through the halls of Camden’s high school at 6″5, 240. By that time his 1 RM’s were: 340 Bench, 375 Squat, and a 350 Deadlift. Now these numbers aren’t record breaking by any means, but for Ryan it was a huge leap forward for him and his career on the field.

Ryan has a year left on the field and he is becoming a better, stronger, and faster player every day he practices. He has some lifting goals that include squatting 600+ and benching 500+, which would make him more badass than he already is. I mean fuck, he is huge. I’ve personally seen him play around with 395 for reps.

Seymonster also is an avid Nazi Zombies player. He visits on occasion and about 12 of the 72 hours of the visit we sit on the couch slaying those bastard zombies. They always seem to kill Ryan first. Maybe he has a more delicious brain or something (Rob is a good teammate too!). All I can say about Ryan is that he is an incredible friend and a bad mamma jamma on the field. Look for him in the NFL soon.

Here is a video he made for you guys to check out:

And here is his 225 rep test (Fuck):

“I don’t have your fuckin ball!”

I felt like sharing this.


Squat: 420×5/435×5/455×5
Press: 185×5/200×5/215×5
Weighted Pull-Upsx5x3 (45lb plate)

Dustin potentially injured a disc in his back today. He was stretching and he stood up and felt a sharp stabbing pain in his lower back. He said it was a stabbing pain that radiated down his right leg. Something might be inflammed to the point where it is pressing against the nerve, but he showed the same signs of disc injury when T-Ray hurt his back too. I got sad. Felt like we had a man down today.

Light Week

Taking a light week. Went heavy for 6 weeks. Started to get achey and felt worn down. I think I’ll go 5:1 with light/de-loads. Might as well make it Official.


Squat: 465×1/485×1/500×1
Bench: 365×3


Bill Starr Power Shrugs: 225x10x3
Lot’s of Big Money Bicepsx10x3


Squat: 405x3x3
Bench: 310x5x3

“Handsome fighters never lose battles.”

Props if you get the quote.


Squat: 520×3 (The guy spotting me touched my ribs twice, after I specifically told him not to)
Press: 240×3

After this point in my day I was so god damn fuckin mad that I left the gym. Had a real shitty week (Tests/Work/I HATE everybody). Squatting 520×3 was the only thing I looked forward to and I felt like it was taken from me when ole buddy touched my during my lift. I didn’t pull either because I was so enraged due to what happened on the squat. Plus I had to work last night too. Deadlifting then standing on a box for 4 hours really sucks a large dong.


Powerclean: 195x1x8
Bill Starr Shrugs: 405x8x2 (Strap tore. 3rd pair gone through.)
Various Dumbbell curls


Squat: 460x3x5
Press: 205x5x3
BW Pull-Upsx5x3

Pretty fucking tired this week. My body started to ache a tad more. The usual training cycle is 6 weeks on before I give myself a light/rest week. I am glad to take it. I’ll take de-load week most likely, then repeat this weeks training in the gymnasium.

Also in progress of making a training/log video for Dustin. Be on the look out if you give a fuck. O and I was listening to Guile’s Street Fighter 2 theme the entire time I wrote this post.