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Le Castle Vania’s Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 2 by Le Castle Vania

Enjoy it.

Had I been drinking out of the toilet, I might have been killed.


Squat: 475×3

Bench: 325×5 (Brick-Squad on that ass)

Body-Weight Dips: 10×3


Power Shrugs: 225x10x3

Pull Ups:10×3

Dumbbell Curls: 40lbsx10x3

Went Easy on it yesterday. My chest was debilitatingly sore. This most likely due to Monday being my second bench since The Accident

Yeah, Maybe we should . . .

Squat: 425x5x3

Bench: 285×10 – 265×20 – 240×10

The new Family guy episode that came out is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend Hulu’ing it. You won’t be disappointed.

I also realized today in class that my Criminal Justice teacher looks exactly like Peter Griffin, except with a Goattee.

White/Black Love to Dance


Training Log

Today I went to 180 with Dustin. I did the following:

Squat: 465×5

Press: 225×3

Deadlift: 455×1

Not too shabby of a training session. During my squats I got to rep number three and I was really tired. I thought about the video of Arnold talking about being a fucking champion. So I mustered up the strength to go for two more reps. I got my set of 5 and felt great.

Before any of this occurred Dustin had told me this Gordon had glanced over at my tiny lifting shorts and snickered to himself. I immediately became pissed. Ask Justin about how I feel when people stare at me. Fast forward. I finished 465×5 and chest bumped Dustin and said “Smallest shorts in the fuckin building!”

Dave Thomas and his shifty eyes

I ate at Wendy’s tonight and I noticed how suspicious Dave Thomas looks in that picture. Not sure if I feel safe there anymore.

Back to training

Today is going to be the 5th day back of training for me. Excited to be progressing again instead of being a turd on a log (Being sick).

Some photo entertainment for now

I’ll try to do a post or two this week for anyone that checks the blog.