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Been sick since Monday of last week. Feel like garbage.

Training 1-22-11

Had to work last night so I felt slightly tired. I still completed the weight I wanted to hit.

Squat: 510×3

Press 245×3

Deadlift: 560×1

Here is 560×1, We only had a cell phone with us so excuse the shitty quality.

The World’s Strongest Redneck

My friend Taylor Ray got me a job at one of the local bars named RumRunners early Summer last year. I was walking around introducing myself and someone brought to my attention that I haven’t met Dustin yet. I looked to the other side of the bar and all I saw was a back as wide as a door frame. He turned around and I introduced myself to him and in a deep southern voice Dustin replied “Niiice ta meet ya A.C.” His bear paw engulfed my hand as we introduced ourselves. Standing at 6’1 weighing around 260 pounds Dustin is certainly an intimidating southern gentleman.

He leapt from the ground in a superman gesture to catch these birds

Not until recently did Dustin come up to me and ask about training. He knew I competed in powerlifting and he began to show some interest. Before our Christmas Break (early December until mid January) Dustin asked if he could start squatting and lifting heavy with me. He came from a Baseball background and had some collegiate playing time so I knew he would have some athletic prowess. Dustin warmed up and quickly learned and hit his first squat set across with 245. Every following set only looked better and easier. Keep in mind that he as not squatted in over 5 years.

High-Fiving Dustin can be scary

We train together at 180 Fitness down here at Georgia Southern University. He is currently squatting 365 for his sets across and pressing 180 for three sets of five WITH EASE. Although he is not on a strict program such as novice or TM he is certainly making progress fast. He shows great potential and he lifts with passion and desire. I can proudly say that I train WITH Dustin. He is a great friend and one strong SONOFABITCH. Look forward to more posts on Dustin and the progress he is making.

It's a crappy cell phone pic, but you get the idea

For some reason embedding the Youtube is not working so here is the link:


Dustin claims he can do a backflip from a standing position. I have not seen it myself, but I will get a video of it soon enough