Training post

Nothing crazy today, just trying to get used to training heavy again.

Squatted and worked up to 475×1, walked out 485×1 and got about halfway down before I decided to come back up. I drifted forward for some reason. I’ve never done this before…I haven’t squatted heavier than 455 for over a month, so I’m not too irritated. I’d like to hit 475×3 next Saturday, and then work up to at least 505-510×3 by March. We shall see.

Pulled heavy after that, and worked up to 500×3 EZPZ. I haven’t pulled over 455 in two months, so I was happy with this. I need to work up close to 600 by the end of February if I want to pull over 600 in March. This is ideal.

Then I did some light Romanian Deadlifts and Good Mornings.

Then Chris and I decided to push my Tacoma down the street. This sucked. We both did two trips, and that was enough. My legs were insanely pumped after doing this, and breathing was rather difficult. The subsequent blood-shot eyes were also sweet.