a much better week

Bench (1st rep paused) 255 2×3,260 1×3,265 1×3
Chins +25 3×5
Curls 115 3×8

really tired, just squatted and called it a day
Squat 415,430,445 3×5

Bench 310,325,335 3×1 (PR)
Pullups +25 3×5
DB Curls 50 3×8

Squat 500×1 (jokingly easy), 520×1 (didn’t shove my knees out, wasn’t happy with the depth), 520×1 (buried it, hard out of the hole, definitely done after this)
Rack Pull 550,575,600 3×1

This looks like Chewbacca’s shit

I felt good today, but apparently did too much Monday. Note to self, do less next Monday.
Bench 295×1,305×1,315x0x0 (FML) I should definitely hit 315-325 next week, if I don’t, I guess I’ll just quit.
Pullups +50 3×3

Deadlift 550×1,585×1 (both were hard, but they happened)
Squat 455×1,475×1 (couldn’t really do shit after deadlifting, unfortunately)

Yes Dear?

Yay, I actually get to train again! I took off from training from last Thursday until today (I did my PT test yesterday). I basically just did fasted cardio for 1.5 hours every morning and didn’t eat anything except shakes and chicken breast. Good times! Time to gain some weight back. I was 247 yesterday, I’ll be in the high 250’s by next Friday.

Bench 275×2,285×2,295×1 (all pretty easy, but didn’t want to push it too hard)
Close-Grip 225 1×5,1×8
Pull-ups/Chins BW 4×8 (just to get some blood flowing, will go back to weighted next week)