Reverse Dieting?

A friend asked me what my thoughts are on "Reverse Dieting", a method of manipulating metabolism to decrease body fat or weight. Is it something lifters should use? Is it healthy? What is the effect on performance? Reverse Dieting Review There's a concept in "dieting" where knowing the total … Continue reading

On Drugs and Supplements

I almost died. I was in the bathroom of the football field house as a freshman in college. The offensive coordinator, a 6'5 290+ former offensive lineman, occupied one of the toilets in the cramped bathroom. The man lived on cheap coffee and cigarettes. And greasy food. And ash trays, garbage, … Continue reading

Protein Batter Snack

Need some calories? Protein? Want to satisfy that sweet tooth but keep the food items pretty clean? Here's what you're gonna do: 1. Put 1 to 3 tablespoons of a nut butter in a bowl. 2. Add a small amount of butter (grass fed is ideal). 3. Microwave it for 30 seconds. 4. Put a scoop of … Continue reading

The Feast

The premise of┬ámy nutrition philosophy is quality, non-inflammatory foods in appropriate macros to fuel performance. Improved body composition is a resultant or secondary goal. I use the Paleo Diet as a foundation; it is predicated on eliminating harmful foods from the diet as well as putting an … Continue reading