PR Friday 8/9

PR Friday Ladies and Gents. How was your week?

Here at 70’s Big, we released the new tank tops for sale on Monday. If you missed it, you can still check them out and buy one here. AC also started his “Wednesday Interview series” this week, first up was Callahan.

2 weeks ago we presented a new challenge for our readers, to submit photos of themselves pressing random objects (or people). Only one person submitted a picture, so the challenge still stands. Send in your pictures, and we’ll post them here next week. In the meantime, here’s Matt:

"Dug up a tree.  Pressed tree. Job done."

“Dug up a tree. Pressed tree. Job done.”

Mike’s also been doing some technique analysis for some of you guys, here’s his most recent video, with an analysis of Adam’s Axle continental clean

Check in and let us know how things are going in the comments today, and leave any questions you might have for Justin or any of the gang, and they will answer them when they get a chance.


34 thoughts on “PR Friday 8/9

  1. I want a 70’s Big tank, but I’m concerned I’m not 70’s big enough. I’ll use it as motivation.

    Good week otherwise. I bought Justin’s book on the Texas Method and PR’d the deadlift at 400 pounds with just chalk. Starting the Texas Method next week. And when I donated blood, the nurse had to switch blood pressure cuffs because the standard one was too small. I ate five chickens and one rack of ribs in five days.

  2. PR’d high bar squat for me @ 205 3×5. Here’s the middle set.

    To me it looks like I’m low bar squatting with a high bar position. Just don’t know for sure. Would love some advice.

    Also PRd my Deadlift last Friday 325 1×5.

    • I’m definitely not a high bar expert, but you might be somewhere in between high bar and low bar mechanics, the only thing I notice is that the bar is getting a touch too forward in relation to the feet on a couple of the reps (aka low bar mechanics with the high bar position). If you’re sticking with high bar, think about the cue to keep your chest pulled up. Also, immediately before each rep you thrust your hips forward (I’d assume because you are setting your pelvis by firing the glutes) and then drive them back aggressively. By driving the hips back aggressively at the start, you’re loading the hammies first and telling your body to load the hamstrings maximally and the quads less (aka the low bar style). Look up Load-Order Sequencing by KStar if that last sentence doesn’t make sense. That got kind of long winded, and like I said, I rarely high-bar so I may be talking out of my ass and a more seasoned HB’er can correct me.

      • I know the vid you’re talking about from kstar. I’ll check it out and maybe decide if I’m wanting to low or high bar squat. Thanks for your input!

  3. Haven’t done it yet, but 157.5kgx5 squat this evening, and 160kgx5 next tuesday in expectation of a four plate squat next friday. Both PRs.

    Also had an uneneviable PR on Tuesday. Had to stop on the fourth rep on a squat set after almost sharting. I stress almost. Spotter thought it was my knee creaking… Don’t they say you’re not a power lifter until you’ve shit yourself straining that last rep?

  4. I’ve been doing the John McCallum program of 2×15 breathing squats with as much weight as possible, with 2×20 heavy pullovers mixed in. I started conservatively with 205 lbs. two months ago and now I’m up to 235. Like this:

    Squat: 235 1×15
    (no rest)
    Pullover: 50 1×20
    (10 min rest)
    Squat: 235 1×15
    (no rest)
    Pullover: 50 1×20

    How should I put this…this type of training is not for anyone who doesn’t really want to do it. And just like everything that’s hard, it seems to be working very well. I’m getting much better at it. I think I can work up to 260 or 275 x15. It really gets the blood pumping and I think I’m obtaining increased definition in my legs, for whatever that’s worth. More importantly, it’s great exercise.

    • I haven’t been doing breathing squats, but I have been doing a lot of sets in the 10-20 rep range. I’ve put on a significant amount of muscle mass in my legs… it’s pretty crazy, and my thighs were not small to begin with. I’m working across a ton of different rep ranges, but the high rep schemes have definitely played a big role in my overall progress, and they help keep me conditioned instead of just fat.

  5. Tomorrow is a big day! If all goes well I’ll PR in the squat and press and tie a deadlift PR.
    Hopefully, this is how it should go down:
    Squat: 350×5
    Press: 160×5

    Gonna get Ricky Bruch all over that shit!

  6. Competed at 2013 USAW Nationals couple weeks ago… didn’t have any stellar lifts, but I competed and that was good enough (for now).

    Meanwhile, 10RM volume PRs for:
    (high bar) back squat: 95kg
    push press: 55kg
    overhead press: 37kg

    Then today doubled 120kg for back squat for a 2RM PR. Didn’t feel like a 2RM…

  7. Been reading for a year-ish, first time posting. Started training last September, squatted 350×4. 4 rep PR for me most I’ve done at that weight was 1.

    • I started training last August and recently squatted 345×6. So interesting to see that our progress has pretty much been the same over 1 year’s time. gainz

        • just general strength. I did a meet in February, which was definitely a good experience and a solid motivator to train hard. the next meet I do though will definitely be a raw only meet. I competed raw in the 165s but I was the only raw 165 haha sooooo I won. Would be good to go to a meet where the whole warmup room wasnt guys helping each other squeeze into suits. just my opinion

          • Definitely agree with you there I have no desire to get into geared lifting. I have yet to do a meet but I’d like to do one of the USAPL ones in September or November (I live in Michigan). Also would be in the 165 lb weight class. Looking to possibly break the state record for the squat for 165 juniors (a modest 405).

    • If you’re failing low rep sets I’d say you need a little time to recover. Both squat and press have stalled which to me would show general, full body fatigue

  8. PR’s-

    press 175 3×5
    bench 225 3×5
    dl 325 1×5

    I’m the keto guy from a few weeks ago. Right after that noticed my lifts were stalling so I took justin’s advice. Added in a single potato a day. Still probably ketoish a lot of the day, but before I was only eating spinach. Now I’m bustin upwards again in all of my lifts.

    Question – Does anyone warm up with sets of 5, or do you start with maybe one or two light sets of 5 then do singles? I’ve been warming up with 5’s for years which tires me out and limits the amount I can put on in my working sets. But I sort of liked the extra volume of reps I got. This week I started doing singles as I worked up, and obviously I’m lifting more. Thoughts?