PR Friday 8/16

PR Friday rolls around yet again. This week, AC gave us a quick update on the site (w/ text from Brent), and continued his Wednesday Interview Series with Callahan.

Also, Mike would like to share this challenge with the community, for a good cause:

Van Hatfield’s (2004 America’s Strongest Man) daughter Bre is undergoing Intense Chemotherapy treatments for bone cancer. Information for donations is available through the link. Additionally, “all of you that donate, we would ask that you video yourself doing deadlift for reps. You can use any implement or amount of weight. In the picture include a sign that says, “Believe in Bre”. Send a link to” I know a lot of us deadlift towards the end of the week, so I’ll post a reminder up on Friday morning. I’m going to do block pulls for reps on Saturday.

Since the 70’s Big community always seems to come through huge for charitable causes like this, I’m sure we can make a big difference again. Share your deadlift videos on the 70’s Big facebook page (or tag 70’s Big) and we’ll post them up next week here on the site.

We also got a bunch of “pressing things overhead” submissions this week:

Matthijs writes: "On vacation with parents of the girlfriend,this happened"

Matthijs writes: “On vacation with parents of the girlfriend,this happened”

Mike gets some pressing in while at work serving in the Coast Guard

Mike gets some pressing in while at work serving in the Coast Guard

Justin built his own log, and shows off the finished product by pressing overhead

Justin built his own log, and shows off the finished product by pressing it overhead

And then, we have this. A reader with the email name “Fat Lenny”, sent us a video of him pressing his couch at home. I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll leave this one as a caption contest for the comments:




27 thoughts on “PR Friday 8/16

  1. Pressed 155×5 this week. This is a massive PR for me given the best I’ve ever done is 160×3 according to my notes. Wasn’t even that terribly hard. Driving my bench up 50 pounds the past 4 months seems to really have had a big carryover to my press.

  2. No PRs, but I´m back on track after a low back injury. Today I squatted 185 kg (~ 408 lbs) for 5 doubles and benched 135 kg (~ 298 lbs) for 5 doubles.

  3. Incoming child (couple of weeks … ) so I’m going on a PR bonanza because … they will be coming to a serious halt.
    @ 168lbs
    Jerk: 305, BtnJerk: 315, PowerSn:200, C&J: 275, FS: 325, DL:445

    But the real PR is digging (so far) 16+ cubic yards of soil out of the floor of my garage, the past two days, to make sure there is a 9+ foot ceiling in our soon to be new 260 sq foot home gym, in preparation of fatherhood.

    • I became a dad almost 2 years ago, the transition was insane. My 2 cents: you’ll feel like there won’t be any time (and there literally won’t be). But you’ve gotta keep lifting, or you’ll end up like me losing tons of strength and getting fat. Well you might not get fat, but anyway.
      I’ve got another one coming in January and plan to do lighter sets for 3-4 months to stay in the game. Congrats!

  4. PRs this week:
    Squat: 1×5 @ 332.5#
    Bench: 1×5 @ 182#

    Leg size PR. I’ve started to get chafing on my inner thighs. My legs aren’t big enough that my thighs rub together uncomfortably without my pants on, but the extra layer of fabric from the pants causes problems. I thought this moment would be more exciting, but really my only feeling is discomfort from the raw skin on my legs. What can I do to remedy this? Would it help to switch from boxers to boxer-briefs?

  5. PR was first meet since 1993. Lifted in the NJ meet, which was very well run!

    Masters 40-49, raw, 220 (216 BW)
    Went 6/9 (missed all of my third attempts). 374/336/517. Learned a ton and had fun.

    Also gym PR today for BW dips 45.

  6. Hit a 300×5 squat PR, getting closer to my 315×5 summer goal.

    310×5 deadlift PR

    i’ve been eating much more seriously since june, and have got my weight up to 195.

    Doing starting strength right now, I may switch to an intermediate program soon, I’ve been having some trouble recovering from doing 3 sets of heavy squats mon-wed-fri.