PR Friday June 28

Another week in the books here at 70’s Big. Justin’s been in and out this week, but if you’re just checking in today, Chris is hosting a strength workshop tomorrow in Longmont, CO. Also, the Pan American Weightlifting Championships are wrapping up tomorrow, Travis Cooper already brought home the bronze medal in the 85kg class yesterday, Congrats to Travis! Jon North and Jared Fleming will be lifting around 2:30pm EST today, good luck to those guys.

Also, Mike checks in with us while frying up some fish, with what’s on his mind:

AC & Company are working on some tank top designs just in time for the peak of summer, we’ll keep you guys posted on when those will be available.

As usual, let us know how you’re doing in the comments today. How’s training going? Make any PR’s? Justin will be checking in when he gets some free time to answer any questions you may have for him, so leave those as well.


42 thoughts on “PR Friday June 28

  1. PRs: Front squat 3 rep max at 350 lb.

    My grip changed during the set for some reason.

    Only got 2 reps last week (missed on the 3rd), so I’m happy.

    I also did 2 sets of REGULAR grip bench presses on Monday with 285 lb x 5 after 3 sets of 5 reps of reverse grip bench presses. Haven’t benched this way since October 2012. Felt weak, weird, and hurts my palms for some reason.

    Might lower the weight and increase the reps next time and add it as a back off set to my RGBP just to get my pecs bigger.

  2. Pretty good week for me, too.
    Squat: 195 kg (~ 430 lbs) x5
    Deadlift: 215 kg (~ 474 lbs) x3
    Bench: 147 kg (~ 324 lbs) x2
    Press: 82 kg (~ 181 lbs) x2x2

  3. FINALLY pulled 405. I am pleased. Pretty sure growing a beard and a healthy dose of Klokov videos helped.

    Two questions for Justin: 1) What are your thoughts on Tabata protocol for conditioning? and 2) How did your own training go while you were away? Set any PRs?

  4. Squat 140kg/308lbs 5RM PR
    Bench 107.5kg/237lbs 5RM PR
    Deads 150kg/330lbs 5RM PR

    Was a good PR Friday. Big week of exams, felt good to nail 3 PRs after getting nailed by the exams.

  5. No weight PRs but I had my first successful ‘below parallel squats with my feet forward’ sets. It was only 200lbs but felt really easy. No knee pain which is great. I get a little sore and tight in the lower hamstrings but rolling those out and some lax ball to the patella pouch cleans that right up.

    I’m finally at a point where 135lb power cleans feel easy. I tired 150lbs this week but couldn’t even get the weight up in the rack. Here’s a video of the last set of my 135. Maybe there’s something I’m missing technique wise but these felt good.

    Also got some rogue bands this week to be more consistent with my mobility work.

  6. CRUSHED it on Monday (my intensity day). I had done a two week (completely and utterly) altered version of Smolov Jr for squats which produced some great results. No real clue what my max was before starting since I haven’t done a heavy single since a meet in February, and still wont until I attempt 405 in about 5-6 weeks. BUT…got this smooth set. Body weight 165. Never really done a set of squats with any significant wight for more than 5 reps so this was a bit jarring after I was done…


    Also same training session:
    press 155×3 (PR) – this was really ugly after squatting
    deadlift 345×6

    • Good stuff man. Glad to see another guy my size here. Started back in on texas Method this week. Looking forward to the grind! Thanks for the motivation for my intensity day coming Sunday.

  7. Also, question for Justin… this will be a bit long winded, my apologies. I squat (per standard TM) 3 days per week – volume, light, intensity. As such, I’m rarely sore from squatting, unless its a particularly rough effort. I am ALWAYS sore from deadlifting, which I do once per week for one top set of 2-5 reps on intensity day (again, stock TM template). Question: do you think pulling at the end of volume day something really light, eg, 135 (my max is 405), for a set or two of 5 reps would actually help decrease DOMS after heavy pulling? I am wondering if the increased frequency, albeit without any real additional tonnage, would help prepare the body to not get as sore. You know, like the situation with squatting frequently and not really getting sore. Thanks!

  8. PR’d on volume again this week. 3x8x245 on bench and 3x6x450 HBBS. My next meet in is 12 weeks or so, so I start my prep cycle starting next Monday. Realistic goals for the meet are to hit between 1325 and 1375 at around 205 lbs and go 9/9 again.

  9. I tried a belt for the first time last week. It felt weirder than I expected, but I got a 405×2 and then a 385×5, both PR’s for me, while wearing it.

  10. Question:

    Do you know of any adverse effects on strength training from smallpox or anthrax vaccinations? I did some online searching but couldn’t find anything particularly relevant. Does anyone have experience with this?

  11. If it’s not the peak of summer right now, I’m f—ed, cause it’s supposed to be near 120 here today.
    As far as PRs go, today marks the start of my 11th year of marriage, and I think looking back 10 years ago, I’d be happy to be where I am today. I was a 5’7″ 180-lb kid back then with no real exposure to actual weight training, and therefore no real strength. Now I’m 158lbs, can squat at least my BW, deadlift a little more, and OHP at least 2/3rds BW. Those multiples would have been 0x, 0x, and 0x ten years ago.
    I’ve also added 3 kids to the life total (which stands at 3), and I’m really happy with how they’ve grown up so far. I’m grateful that my wife has always supported pretty much every “crazy” thing I’ve tried to get healthier, and usually gone right along with me. Not everyone’s that lucky. Anyway, I just know that some people would kill for the ten years I just had, and I’m glad I didn’t have to.
    Keep cool y’all.

  12. So came the end of cycle 5 on 531.

    This week I have mostly been breaking PR’s.
    Set a new 3rm on Deads – pulled 200kgs x 4
    Hit 3 x 145kgs Back Squat
    Benched 95kgs x 3 – massive improvement for me but still weak!

    All in for everything strong.

  13. Monday PR = Squat 320lb x 5
    Monday PR = Deadlift 225lb x 6
    Thursday PR = Overhead Press 115 x 3

    Friday PR = Squat rack barbell curls 105 x 3; yeah cuz that’s how I roll…

  14. Week of pulling PRs

    -Power Clean: 202×3
    -Deadlift: 370×6

    I haven’t posted in a few weeks, so here are some other recent PRs.
    -Chinups: BWx12
    -Swoleness PR: While wife was applying sunscreen to my back, she suddenly exclaimed “Holy shit! Your triceps are HUGE!”
    -Softball PR: First “in the park” homerun. I feel this demonstrates many 70s big qualities, which include;
    1.) Power (effortless line drive to the fence)
    2.) Speed (legging out extra bases)
    3.) Reckless Aggression (I traded a safe/routine double for an aggressive triple, and then went for a reckless but successful steal at home plate!)

  15. Squat 330×5
    Bench 185×1 Reverse grip. Bringing out my inner John Phung. Sprained both of my wrist power cleaning with metal plates on the catch down. Regular grip was not going to happen so tried reverse grip for the first time since I did not feel as much pain that way.
    Deadlift 325×4 My deadlift sucks because I suck at life. Still do not understand why my squat is higher than my deadlift. It was my first day running it on Friday. Used to do it on my volume day, but bought the TM part 1 last week and Justin says Friday is best. I will see how it goes.
    Anyone run the 4 day accessory day he talks about with PCs that day? Was thinking about trying it, even though I am quite an intermediate bitch still.

  16. It was a decent week of recovery with some good sleep (though I’d love to get 8 hrs. consistently), BW grams of protein each day, and lots of fish oil. I haven’t squatted in a couple of weeks after tweaking a groin on ID and generally overtraining the squat with insufficient recovery.

    Trained hard and had some good marks:
    Dead lift: 462×1, 377×5
    Press: 192×5
    Power Clean: 207x3x2
    Power Snatch: 167x2x3

    Will reset on squat and hit it next week.

  17. Basically since I started over lifting this year, everything’s a PR even though a few years ago numbers were higher. Difference aside from lost strength is that I have really focused on form, so I don’t mind if the gains come a little slower.

    squat 305
    bench 225
    DL 340 (actually ran out of weights here)
    press 160

    I’m also down 15 lbs in a month, by eating 200g of protein a day, tons of greens, and fat. Hammering myfitnesspal all day long. I’ve also been using the /r/keto and /r/ketogains subreddits a lot.

    Next week I’m probably going to start 8 weeks of light olympic lifting added in. I currently only do the aforementioned lifts. Also going to start a pullup program such as pavel’s.

  18. Squats are still going awesomely. I am just trying to push PRs in all sorts of ridiculous rep ranges.

    Squat PRs this week:
    1 x 129 kg
    2 x 120 kg
    3 x 115 kg
    4 x 110 kg
    5 x 106 kg
    6 x 105 kg
    10 x 100 kg
    11 x 90 kg (I hit 10×90 a while ago, so since I did 10×100, I threw in an extra at 90 this week. Aiming for 15×90 next week)

  19. I hit a 16kg PR on the Deadlift. Not the greatest form, but it happen. I start my new program Monday and going to start working on getting my knee/calf better so I can get back into training.

  20. Pressed 170×5 (weighing around 175) which is kind of a PR. I hit 180×5 back when I weighed like 10-15lbs heavier.

    Almost got 240×5 on bench, but I lost tightness on the last rep and couldn’t lock it out. I’ll get it next week.

    Squat/deadlift are still in the shitter though, both around 40-50lbs below PR’s and seemingly hitting a wall. I am technically lighter BW, but still.

  21. Hit 610X1 deadlift on Wednesday which is a 10 lb improvement. Got a meet coming up in two weeks. Plan to beat that number and a few others shortly.