PR Friday, 1 Mar 2013

It’s PR Friday. It’s been a great week on the site. I’ll update more later, after I watch our guys at the Arnold Powerlifting this afternoon.

The big guys lift at 2pm Eastern Time. Watch it live (since you can’t watch most of the other stuff going on this weekend):

The live scoring is HERE:


75 thoughts on “PR Friday, 1 Mar 2013

  1. In need of some advice:

    Did heavy singles last saturday as part of taper off of texas method. Ever since, my right hip flexor (just inferior to my pelvis) has been extremely tight. I grinded out volume day on tuesday having to stretch diligently between most all sets. Stretched afterwards as well. Then on light day yesterday, 2×5 at 80% of monday felt uncommonly heavy and made my flexor very tight. Felt worse when i tried to execute more explosive reps. It just wont seem to loosen up to my normal.

    Meet is 3 weeks away. Intensity day lined up for tomorrow.

    Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. PRs this week:
    Squat: 320×3
    Deadlift 370×3
    Press: 160×3

    Oddly enough, I am dieting right now, and still hit some PRs. Hopefully that keeps up.

  3. Been slacking on the updates, but in the past few weeks got a PR on my Overhead Squat (205#), Power Clean (215#), and just yesterday pulled a new deadlift PR of 425#. That’s a 20# improvement from January!

  4. Working weekly periodization now and had a few 5RM PRs this week @260 lb: Squat 375, Bench 260, DL 415. Would have had another at 160 on the Press, but I lost balance on reps 3 and 4 and it screwed me all up.

  5. I competed for the first time this week. I work at a large military base, and it has a quarterly powerlifting competition. My training has tapered off as I have been doing more conditioning to get ready for the spring rugby season, but I entered anyway. I went 8/9 and missed my last squat because I got too greedy and felt so good at 365 that I figured I could get 405. (Wrong!) Having learned my lesson, I stuck to my gameplan for the bench and deadlift and PR’d both.

    Squat: 345-365-405(F)
    Bench: 245-265-285(PR)
    Deadlift: 405-435-455(PR)
    (BW: 203)

  6. Home this week, so able to get in 3 solid sessions. May add one more over the weekend, as next week is a travel week again, as well as the following 2 weeks. Going to need to get creative to get some work in.

    SQ 3×5 295
    DL 1×5 365
    BP 3×5 150
    PR 3×5 110

    All PRs as still in LP honeymoon phase. Would like to get in one more session before my schedule goes nuts again, get the squat over 300.

  7. Pulled 515 x 5 (rep PR)

    Loaded a 300 stone over 60″ – stone height PR.

    Started a weekly bench program – get better at things i suck at PR.

  8. I hit a suckdick for 5×5 PR this week. Apparently I think its a great idea to not eat the two days before two intensity days… its fine i’ll dial it in before this meet!

    I did hit a volume bench PR last saturday 220 for 3×5 and I think i hit a slingshot bench PR after that. (I should keep track of those).

    • I have never seen him dive-bomb in the descent like that. I’ve tried to do that but I end up totally out of whack, position wise.

      These guys N girls from 70s big are BEASTS

  9. Week 5 of 20 rep squats.

    280×20, 285×20, 290×20. Ready to finish this 20 rep experiment next week. Initial goal was to hit 315×20 on the final week. Still hoping to hit that next Friday.

  10. Wanted 5 singles on Bench @ 265 got the first, missed the second. Just like last week. Oh and couldn’t hit a single rep on Squats @ 435. Fuck me this week sucked

  11. I’ll spare you all the cool story, bro, but I am in desperate need of a new gym. Anyone from or familiar with the South Jersey area know of some good places? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyway, pulled 395×5 Wednesday, which is a PR. Hopefully get that 405 next week.

    • Congrats on the PRs!

      ZMA is pretty damn effective. For me it’s not incredible magic, but I honestly don’t dread going to bed any more. Instead of 2-3 hours of tossing and turning, it’s like 30 minutes.

  12. Hit a squat PR of 315×5 on Sunday night, and then another squat PR of 320×5 on Thursday afternoon. I’m excited to get back into some real programming and see how my numbers improve.

    BW is still hovering between 188-192

  13. Still “resting” my knee. It’s fucking annoying. Got some good jerks in off the boxes on Tuesday night though. I was hitting some rep PRs, and then I went up and hit some single PRs, which was awesome and unexpected. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t done close to 20 reps between 70 and 78 kg before I attempted my PR singles, haha.

    4 x 75 kg
    3 x 78 kg
    2 x 81 kg
    1 x 86 kg, and then
    1 x 88 kg

    Near miss at 90 kg, and then my body was fucking done.

  14. First week switching to triples on TM in prep for a powerlifting meet. Pr’s:
    Squat: 355×3
    Dead: 425×1
    Bench: 187.5x5x3

    Sadly, my bench is also a PR, if only I had started benching sooner than 5 moths ago.

  15. Wow, there’s people moving some serious weight here.

    Squat: 415×3

    Gonna have to try that again next week, didn’t like my second rep.

    Press 185×2, 165×5

    DL 455×3

    BW: 187#. Trying to make 181 by March 23rd for the “Battle on the Border” USAPL meet, although I’m currently an alternate.

    Anyone know a good gym in New London, CT?

  16. Squat: 315 x 5 x 3
    Bench: 210 x 3 x 3

    Like a few of the folks above, I felt really blah this week. Sleep has been good and I gained some weight so I think eating is good too, so I dropped deadlifts and only squatted once. This weekend is for eating and sleeping more, and we’ll see what happens next week.

  17. Hit 220 for 5×5 on bench today for a Volume PR. BRB can hit 25 reps with 220 cant double 245 cause I forget how to eat before intensity days.

    Gonna PR my sleep and chow time this week to have a redemption intensity day.

  18. Hai stronk fwends. I have beeb looking to gain weight and swolertrophy recently so I’ve been eating more.
    Presssed 175 for 6 and pulled 435 for 3 which is a post surgery pr and 20 ppunds lower than my pre surgery pr. Good lifting!

  19. 265×2 bench (paused 1st rep)

    Probably not a PR, but it is most I’ve done recently and pumped nonetheless.

    Less than a month out from meet, March 24 in Ft. Lauderdale, anyone gonna be there?

  20. I PR’d in:
    Not Totaling in The Arnold
    Squatting 500 deeper than I have ever squatted it before
    Getting the most ridiculous and illegitimate depth call I’ve ever seen
    Throwing my belt across the room (I’ve done this before, but never as hard, and never after MAKING a lift)
    Swearing on the platform (Again, done this before, but never in front of as big of a crowd, and never live on ustream)
    Competition Bench Press
    Post injury Deadlift
    Overall total had it counted
    Meeting Ed Coan
    Shaking Koklyaev’s hand

  21. Took part in a meet down in Cincinnati Saturday. Went 6/9 and totaled 1000lbs at 148lbs.

    Squat: 315-335 missed at 350. 335 was a PR and should’ve probably gone for 345 with how 335 felt (I wanted the nice round number). Also, monolifts are odd.

    Bench: 205 missed 225 twice. Should’ve gone to 215 on the second attempt. Angry about this though, I think I can hit 225, not sure what went wrong. Still a meet PR.

    Deadlift: 405-430-460. I’m still trying to figure out how I pulled 460. The highest I’d planned to pull was 450 to get a triple body weight pull. I decided I’d rather go for the 1000 total and if I missed it 430 was still a PR. Here is the lift from a not great angle:
    Sadly my celebration was not recorded. Lessons learned, when a squat attempt is a struggle I need to not make a large jump for the next attempt. I need to make small (10 lb) jumps in bench at this point. Deadlifts, deadlifts I should go for broke. Thrilled with my results in spite of my piss poor decisions on what weights to attempt.

    • First time poster pr but I was also at this meet.
      Been lifting for about three months now. went 7/9
      Squat 275-300-325(PR)
      Bench 165-185(forgot the rack command)-missed 205
      Deadlift 305-325-365(PR)

      Had a great time at my first meet and cant wait for more

  22. This is my first time posting PR’s here. I am a 5’7 240 lb (do I qualify as 70’s BIG?) strongman competitor in Florida. I am getting ready for a meet in July (Lots of time for prep which I like) so I am trying for PR’s all the time. This week I had a PR in squat high lockouts (910lbs 2×1). I also tried Deficit Pulls w/ the Axle (3-4 inch deficit, 340lbsx7 reps in 40s, with a reg bar 450lbsx1 is my PR) and Zercher Pulls starting from the bottom position (250lbsx5, I am shooting for a 350lbsx5 by summer). Looking for PR’s this week in Squat Lockouts (shooting for 1000lbs) Axle Clean and Press, and some form of deadlift. Great site!

  23. Squat 350 1RM

    Bench 265 1RM

    Deadlift 425 1RM

    Decided to try out some max effort lifts in an attempt to set goals for my first powerlifitng meet which is a few months away. Hoping for a 1050-1100 total.

  24. My training has been going well. Recently lifts: squatted 315 3×5, deadlifted 405 8×1; 375 2×3, benched 255 3×5. I’ve been doing a shitton of curls and pull ups to try to get my arms more jacked.