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PR Friday

Post your training PR’s and updates to comments.

Random Stuff

I’ve had hiatus from writing and eased into some today by creating a FAQ on the site menu (I’ve been meaning to put one together for months). Below is what I have so far, but if you have any other suggestions on what questions to add, then drop them in the comments. Note that I’ll likely stick to general questions about the site as opposed to specific training questions (at least for now). I’m particularly interested in questions that new people have that regular readers may have to answer themselves.

Other than that I think we’ll re-establish a weekly chat, and I will designate some regular readers and friends as people that can help in the chat (I’ll contact those people about it within a week or so).

I’ve been accumulating a list of writing topics for the site — some bad, some good — so if you have any topics that you are interested on, put those in the comments too.

FAQ so far:

What is 70′s Big? 

70′s Big is many things.

It is a source for mostly objective knowledge on training, mobility, recovery, rehab, anatomy, strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, raw powerlifting, fitness, military/LEO training, and more. It is a website where like-minded people congregate to learn and talk about training, amuse each other, network, and hang out. It is a mindset that puts a premium on setting goals and intensely attacking them with grit, determination, and consistency. It is a physical prowess of muscularity achieved through strength training instead of aesthetic or vanity training. It is a community that welcomes all with support and kind words. 70′s Big is an idea put into your mind that you have the ability to be great, but you first need to believe it and then work for it.

What isn’t 70′s Big? 

70′s Big is not a place that solely plays on your emotions, gender role, or “better than thou” belief. It isn’t a catch phrase turned into a brand turned into a product turned into money for the site creator. It isn’t trying to be the next big thing on your gym wall and isn’t buying support. It won’t ban you when you disagree and it doesn’t feed you generic bullshit information over and over.

70′s Big doesn’t want disciples or drones who follow it without question — it prefers readers who think for themselves with a healthy skepticism. 70′s Big doesn’t have a primary mission to make money, but to educate. 70′s Big aims to not be annoying, though it will occasionally offend sensitive people (which is actually good for them).

What is the 70′s Big Program?

There isn’t one. Instead, 70′s Big aims to teach people how to program for themselves or others. I — Justin, the owner and editor of 70′s Big — have created hundreds of programming templates, but I insist on teaching the fundamental information of strength and conditioning instead of stock programs that people follow without question. Unfortunately teaching people how to fish isn’t as profitable as giving them a fish.

I have a question about…?

Have you searched this website? After three years of five posts per week, I would hope that you would use the search bar in the upper right portion of the screen to check for existing information. If the search bar doesn’t work well, go to Google and type your search terms followed by “” to search this site exclusively. Chances are that your question was asked in the past, so don’t be lazy and show some initiative. And if you’re asking a question about a program that I have written a book on, then show some courtesy and buy the book. I don’t write 50,000 words on a topic without reason.