Memorial Day Pics

On Memorial Day I asked FB and Twitter users to submit pictures of themselves serving. These are what I received. I don’t have time to set up a fan vote (travelling to Arizona), so everyone argue which picture is the best in the comments.

From Facebook:

"Muscle Beach, OP Restrepo, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 2007

Ryan E., Iraq, 2007


Ryan, circa 1750?

Mateo E., Croughton, UK RAF base, 2007

From Twitter:

@bad1ieutenant -- Chrome AK

@paleonow, Ball gazing in Iraq, 2009

@whitemtncf, Korengal Valley, 2007

@jerkmotel, Sangin River Valley, Helmand Province

@stevekane77 -- Free girl scout cookies at Camp Anaconda, Iraq

18 thoughts on “Memorial Day Pics

  1. these are all great, but i love the last two, especially the one with the guy reading, sniper rifles by his side, ipod in. just relaxing.

  2. I’ve got to go with the sniper hunkered down reading short stories. I imagine Mozart on his ipod and a wide glass of brandy sitting on a coaster in the sand just out of view of the camera lens.

    Muscle Beach is a close second, especially since the tarps on the right side sort of look like the turquoise water of the gulf.

  3. My vote is for the sniper as I have a soft spot for both the Best American Short Stories series and the Barrett M82/M107.

    To all who submitted: thank you for your service!

  4. first things first, you guys have to watch that documentary Restrepo, saw it a couple of months ago, amazing and heartbreaking.
    the girl scout cookies and ‘ball gazing’ are good, but how do you compete w/ a chrome ak?

  5. I’m going with muscle beach, those guys lived in some shit. Amazing and heartbreaking, like becker said, are the best ways to put it.

    Closely followed by the sniper with the book. Pretty awesome picture also.

    1750s Ryan is pretty clever!

  6. Yeah, I have to vote for the chrome AK. Send that Iraqi guy a shirt too.

    I have a lot of respect for my military brothers that are out there pounding sand. I never got a chance to go, but my mission in the UK was directly supporting you guys, so I got to play my part.