Movember Thank You

We have met our goal of raising 5,000 doll hairs, but we still have today and tomorrow to raise money for Movember. Donate to the team or pick one of the members HERE.

I really don’t know how I can thank all of you who contributed to the 70’s Big Movember team, but thank you very much. Some of you were extremely generous in donating 100 to $150. Others dropped a few doll hairs, and that’s all we wanted. If everyone put in a few bucks then it would add up (every doll hair counts). Of the 47 team members 26 were able to receive donations that ranged from a single doll hair to 1,085 doll hairs. Some of you have written in to say that you donated directly to friends or family who are undergoing treatment for cancer — this is obviously even better as it directly helps those who are trying to kick cancer in the balls.

Thank you to the team members who stepped up and delivered. The top earners are also good friends of mine: Jacob Cloud ($1,085), Jacob Tsypkin ($946) and Ellee Carlson (who answered the call of female fundraisers to raise $641). Thanks to Cloud, Stroup, and Paul Sousa who have offered their lifting services to raise money. Jacob accepted pledges to pay out x amount per rep of a max set at 315. Here is his video:

Sousa agreed to watch a Twilight marathon if he broke $300 and agreed to deadlift a max set with whatever value he raised. It ended up being 320 doll hairs, so he pulled that for reps in this video:

Stroup apparently recorded his stuff but was born in the 1800s and can’t figure out how to play the sound? We’re still waiting on his video (he may re-record).

I will be doing my “lift-a-thon” this Thursday at Panhandle Crossfit here in Panama City. I’ll be streaming this event live on my Ustream account at 6:00 PM EST (will also embed it here and link to it on Twitter and Facebook). This will consist of me doing clean and jerks with 300 pounds. As of now I have 49 reps to do. I’ll probably do them on a 2 minute clock so there will be time to dick around or field questions. We’ll also be recording on a separate camera for a quality YouTube vid. Oh, and I’ll be wearing a speedo.

Thanks again to everyone who donated but we still have today and tomorrow to accept donations. Do so for the team or one of our members HERE. The cash/prize will go to the highest fundraiser who accepts the prize.