Q&A – 2

Happy PR Friday
List your weekly personal bests for the week as well as training updates.
This week, post your lifetime PR for whatever goal you have, and how close you are to breaking it.

Mooy M. asks on the Facebook Fan Page

why should i take fish oil? and why the fuck am i eating like mad, training my ass off and still keep being skinny fat? is there a 70s big gen missing?

Dear Mooy,

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and contains EPA and DHA. For our purposes, it probably helps with systemic recovery and some people point out that it improves joint pain. It is also said to help with insulin sensitivity, but I admit I haven’t read about this in a while. I think the Wiki page did a good overview.

As for you “eating like mad” and still being skinny fat, I really can’t say. Eating copious amounts of food is not always the answer to improve muscularity, and it’s also very dependent on your program. Are you training your body as a system every day? This would include large lifts like the squat or deadlift in addition to other things like pressing, benching, RDLing, and rowing. Maybe you aren’t doing enough barbell curls, or maybe the right drugs are what is missing. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. You can find him in a back alley and he’s got some cheese burgers, man.

If you’re genetically predisposed to skinniness, or have only recently taken up training, then it will take diligent and chronic work over time to develop strength and muscularity. Reevaluate your program and don’t lose hope on the quest of 70’s Big.

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