Q&A – 1

theturgid asks

Justin, how do you deal with persistent stalling/failing on TM? (All lifts, but mostly squat) The ebook mentions manipulating VD but that isn’t working for me. The options I see are:

1) Reset ID back 10% like in SS
2) Take a deload or week off?
3) Just deal with the slowed progress and accept a failure every 2nd or 3rd week?
4) Something I haven’t thought of?

After I asked what his Volume Day and Intensity Day numbers were:
my squat VD is 264# and ID is at 341 – I only got 3 reps last week, was going for 5, hopefully will get the 5 this friday

Dear theturgid,

Typically I see numbers higher than yours in a TM set up, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You are 6’2″ and weigh about 210 lbs (he said this in another comment), which isn’t that large for the height. You also said you don’t think your diet is the issue or what your goals are, but I have to assume you aren’t eating enough properly. Are you eating a MINIMUM of 250g of high quality protein? I like the 77 pound discrepancy between the VD and ID (although your VD rep scheme wasn’t specified), but you may require an increase in volume, especially since 264 is not a significant amount of stress for a 210 lb guy.

Under the assumption that you are doing everything in training, life, and recovery correctly (which is highly unlikely for most readers of this site), there are some more advanced techniques that will be out very soon in Part II of the Texas Method E-book. Sorry for the cliff hanger, but reevaluate the ancillary stuff and increase your volume slightly and see what happens.

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