FIT is now available

Remember when we talked about the upcoming book, FIT by Dr. Lon Kilgore, Dr. Michael Hartman, and myself? Well that book is now available.

I already gave you the the overview of the information in FIT in the last post, so instead we’ll talk about plainly today. This book is legit. I’m not just saying that because my name is on the cover, but I’ll point out that if the book sucked, then I wouldn’t want my name on the cover. This book is what the fitness industry needs. I hope that over time we can help influence effective training in the fitness realm in the same way as the strength/conditioning realm. That basically means tweaking the fundamentals of strength and conditioning and applying it to general fitness — and that’s what this book does.

A person with any level of advancement can pick this book up and benefit from it. Personally, I benefited from the strength, endurance, and mobility chapters (written by the other two fellas with PhDs). As most of you know, I have a keen interest in programming, and when we started this project in late 2010, this book enhanced my horizon on programming. It also made me develop the lessons that I’ve learned over time into simple, direct methods and progressions to implement.

This book can help the way you think about training, about programming, about applying stress, and improving ability regardless of what your true intentions are. And it does so without breaking down your body and causing injury. Whether you’re a combat veteran, aiming to get strong, or a sedentary person looking to start a new path to fitness, this book is for you. I sincerely give it all the support in the world and know it won’t let you down.

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Fit: Table of Contents

Fitness – What it is
Fitness Adaptation – How we become fit
Multi-Element Fitness
Strength Exercises
Endurance Exercises
Mobility Exercises
Getting Ready to Train
Physics, Physiology & Food
Exercise Performance Standards