Canada Recap

This past weekend I went to Toronto, Canada to do a Workshop Weekend that consists of a lifting workshop on Saturday and a programming workshop on Sunday. It was my first time in Canada since stepping over the line at Niagra Falls when I was ten (do they still let you do that? or do you need a passport?), and it was excellent. I was hosted by two stellar dudes, Chris and Paul — thanks again to both of you guys and I hope we get to hang soon without a workshop getting in the way. They live outside of Toronto in a small town area that reminds me of rural Pennsylvania. The weather was beautiful; around 80 degrees (F), no humidity, and a cool breeze.

The workshop itself was good fun, Canadians have a pleasant disposition. I even noticed that I started emulating their tone in talking, specifically the upward inflection at the end of sentences. Contrary to the American belief, Canadians don’t say, “Eh?” all the time, but they do defecate in inappropriate places when challenged.

I hope the attendees walked away from each day confident in what they need to do to lift or program well. Two attendees who were only signed up for the Saturday portion were allegedly impressed enough to sign up for Sunday’s as well. You guys can e-mail me any time with questions as well as videos of your technique (preferably from a front or rear 45 degree angle). Stay in touch either on the site, Facebook, or e-mail. Remember the one or two cues you have on each lift! Work those rehab exercises in, Sandy and Adam. Make sure your chest is up, Silen. Good luck at your meet, Rowan, and keep doing that anterior shoulder mobility. Kyle, make sure your knees are out in your deadlift set up. Blake, reinforce that leaning over to avoid being to upright in the squat, and don’t get in a hurry with your reps. Paul, stop being so handsome. Mike, be smooth of the floor in your pull (along with that other proper set up stuff). James, your squat/pull were much better when you corrected those fundamentals like stance and chest up. I could go on, but hopefully you guys wrote down what you need for each lift. Also keep in mind all of the tools you have to administer a proper dose of stress to get an appropriate adaptation based on your current adaptation.

I actually don’t have any pictures whatsoever of this weekend; I was just too busy. I also wanted to get some video of the lifting transformations, but I misplaced the SD card for my camera. It’s disappointing, because I wanted a pic with my Canadian homies Chris and Paul (their biceps and behavior when drinking exceeded expectations). Thanks again to both of you guys, especially Chris and Melissa for letting a filthy American rest at your domicile. Paul, tell Sharon that Melissa totally ran off with the cab driver after Chris passed out.

All in all, I was impressed with Canada. It was a sport.

Since I don’t have any pictures, here’s a place that I want to visit in Canada.

Lake Louise