Harder, Better, Smarter, Stronger

Getting strong and muscular isn’t something that happens easily. There are no shortcuts. You’ll learn a lot from getting under a bar, but you’ll learn more by being under that bar consistently. Don’t destroy your body and make sure to give it rest. Establish a solid strength base if you haven’t already. Don’t constantly switch programs. Avoid large amounts of volume. Read about programming, understand why the coach does that for his people, but understand how some of the principles can be generally applied. Don’t be a diet groupy. Don’t be or act like a zealot. Always get an informed opinion, but understand the difference between a blatant opinion and an educated guess based on the circumstances (you’ll find the latter here). Learn about basic anatomy and physiology. Keep an open mind. Always learn. And for fuck’s sake, have a good time doing it.

We’re all here to get Harder, Better, Smarter, and Stronger. Cheers.

Happy PR Friday
Post PR’s or training updates to comments. Welcome newcomers.