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My friend Spencer is an editor at the sports site Every Day Should Be Saturday and a contributor to SB Nation. He’s been to one of the 70’s Big Workshops, has written this article about AC, has a gnarly mustache, and refers to himself as “more of a pack mule” regarding conditioning. In other words, he’s a cool dude.

A couple weeks ago he asked me some questions that came from his readers for the first episode of his off-topic podcast, Squatland Yard. What resulted is a random, amusing podcast. Enjoy.

Chris and Mike train hard and are reckless. They are both on advanced stages of some kind of TM programming that we’ve tweaked together. Here are a few solid vids.

Here’s Chris squatting 610×2 — more than his old max.

Here is Mike pulling a solid 545×3. He pulled around 580 last summer, and I expect him to break the 600 mark at Militar Nationals in San Antonio.

Additionally, Mike’s brother is a jacked, deep voiced dude who is getting back into training. He smokes an easy 475×3 squat here:


10 thoughts on “Spencer, Vids

  1. Lovely deep squats. I note their shins are not vertical as recommended by some powerlifters.(I struggle to get depth unless I do the same)
    Is this ok?

  2. On an unrelated note, my t-shirt arrived today, shame it didn’t get hear first thing this morning in time for me to deadlift in it but nevermind. 12 days from order to receipt (in the UK).

  3. one of the guys I lift with is around 57yo, a 105 class lifter.

    On Sunday he posted a total somewhere around 200kg at a local meet. 5 days prior, on Tuesday, he finished a 4th cycle of chemo.

    Essentially, this proves that you will never have an “I don’t feel good” excuse for lifting poorly.

  4. Justin,
    got any tenative dates floating around to get a workshop up to the NW? I’m jealous of those in the Atlanta vicinity. Animals and ales are a superb combo.

    Depends on what goes on in life. If there is time then I would love to.


  5. @smithb9: That is hardcore! I love hearing inspirational shit like that.
    Anyone have any thoughts on using a basic version of TM one week, and then next week doing something with only power cleans, barbell rows, etc. Basically some sort of routine that doesn’t require a squat rack. Work will have me in the field every other week with only a barbell and some weights. Would love to hear advice/suggestions, or even if anyone knows an online service that would assist that would be cool, too.

  6. Justin, what do you think about chris’s squat form?

    At the bottom of the squat i notice his knees drop forwards, despite this he gets a nice bounce, i guess from the knee flexion, and the ankle dorsiflexion, giving him a bounce off the calves??

    I have noticed, that i do a similar thing to him.
    But i get a nice bounce i find.

    Any ideas?

    I’ve already talked with them about it the other day.

    To answer your question: He is going forward at the bottom. Funny, though. I just heard in the chat tonight that certain forums were hardcore form nazis.

    Additionally, one does not squat 610 by bouncing off the calves.