New Sites

New Sites
A lot of you have asked for training logs of those that are involved in this website. My tech-savvy friend Adam (who helps out with the site — thanks again, Adam) helped set up some sub-sites. AC, Chris, and Mike now have their own sub-site to be used as a training log, but will also be used for whatever they want to post about. As far as their programming goes, they are all younger intermediate lifters who compete in raw powerlifting. I took all three of them to USAPL Raw Nationals last year.


I nagged Ben Claridad to make a site that would allow him to show his art work, and he turned into an amusing training log that also hosts his art work. Here is Ben’s site.

These sites are updated a few times a week, so be sure to check them out.

PR Friday
Post all of your PR’s and training updates to the comments. Regardless of your strength level you are a part of this brotherhood of lifters on the quest to 70’s Big, so don’t be shy.

Oh, and fuck the Steelers.

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  1. @stonerider

    That’s interesting, I’ve heard that icing is good for sore liagments/tendons etc, while heat is for muscle soreness.


    How about not drinking too much?

  2. Still looking into playing rugby this season, although at $250 for the year, it’s a bit more pricey than i was expecting :( If things go according to plan, i might still be able to afford it – fingers crossed, i really want to try it!

  3. So, after contracting the plague, a long weekend layoff turned into an entire week away from weights. I stayed away and let my body heal for a couple extra days thanks to the don’t train sick post, and then last night TORE IT UP in my garage. Did an entire week’s worth of main lifts (except heavy squats, didn’t have a rack) 5/3/1 style and felt great! Did absolutely no acessory work so kept volume fairly low, no soreness this morning or anything! Should be hitting more PRs next week.

  4. Found a new lifting friendly gym today, signed up and dumped my other membership.

    Coming off a string of injuries, but put in good work tonight. I’m starting off slow because I’m weak now, but won’t be forever.


  5. Hmmm… I posted my reps for the week in last week’s post, so again:

    PRs this week – None:

    Squat 345 x 10
    Bench 260 x 10
    Clean&Press 170 x 12
    DL 335 x 13

    (Weak week of 5/3/1)

    That was it. Don’t think I’ll be getting into PR territory for a while.

  6. @Sapper09

    I was completely broke last year, working two jobs and going to school trying to make ends meet. My training was shit and sporadic, whereas now I’m organized. But I practiced and played rugby with a club that went to the Pacific Coast Finals. The club understood my situation and was able to sponsor my dues. Just talk to your Club officers and see if thats possible in exchange for a little work (i.e. setting up the rugby pitch, helping with the after game socials). Don’t let a small thing like money get in the way of embracing rugby culture, which is superior to every American sport culture (I say this as a lifelong football fan and player).

    This weeks PRs:
    Squat 3×5 415lbs
    Bench 3×5 305lbs
    Deadlift 1×5 455lbs
    Power Clean 5×3 210lbs

    Deloaded my Press as it has stalled several times. Also worked on Power Snatches and Front Squats at light weights to get used to the motion. Did Deficit Speed Deadlift pulls in an attempt to unfuck my pulling.

  7. I’m a little late to the party, but I did set a PR in the C&J and the squat, so it is fun to share:

    Squat: 445# — pretty easy, but I like my current PR per week run. I’ll recover and go for more

    C&J: 235# — I continue to have trouble getting serious traction on the fast lifts, but I just keep pounding away

  8. Squat : 220 X 1

    Also yesterday was an awesomeness PR as I volunteered @ a beer fest, got yelled at for lifting kegs, lifted them anyway, tasted some beer, and then went to monster trucks.

  9. 2 PRs this week:

    585 box squat from a 19″ box and…

    I have successfully broken my first toilet seat of the year. That is a lifetime PR of 4 toilet seats.

  10. Brazilian Jiu Jits PR: 2nd Place Blue Belt lightweight.

    Proud-of-Girlfriend PR: She demolished her competition in the same tourney. Won her weight and absolute.

    DL: 295lbs, 1×5.

    RE: Primal/Paleo
    I see we have some people here trying this out. I did Primal relatively hardcore for 6 months or so (never gave up dairy though.) Had to go back to eating some carb-rich stuff (mostly potatoes) due to a resurgence of over-training injuries. My Biceps would go all tendinitis-y.

    Any similar experiences?

  11. @Sean R

    Thanks for the advice, man. I may still be able to pay for it, but i’ll most definitely keep your suggestion in mind for plan B. Going to a preseason fitness session tonight, so i’ll suss out the payment details.

    Rugby isn’t huge in my part of Australia, but the club near me is only a couple of years old and sounds like it’s got a pretty good attitude. Never really been into the sport until very recently and i think it would be a good sport to direct my training towards, ie. getting stronger/bigger whilst improving conditioning and becoming faster and more explosive.

    Thanks again, I’ll report back with news, hopefully.

  12. @Justin
    Doctor didn’t tell much, having another talk with him tomorrow, and maybe there I can share more information. But he said something about the kidney couldn’t handle the high amount of protein from my diet (which isn’t extreme inside this forum) He would like to see some test of how much protein go through my urine. About the RBC, I had some pain in my bones and a blood test showed low numbers, was told that the kidney had something to do with the amount of red bloodcells, and that was low due to a weakened kidney. He was very focused about the Anabolic steroid suspect, which is bullshit, so didn’t get much information.