Today I was working on a project for this site and sorta forgot to make a post. Here’s a quick hitter.

Here’s a recent video of AC deadlifting 560. I’m pretty sure his meet PR is 568.

Some of you keep homo-erotically asking where Gant has been. He’s busy doing man stuff and kicking ass.

Here’s a video that Lewis found in his nightly YouTube session (he’s like a bigger and blacker version of Brent):

6 thoughts on “Boom

  1. I made a video as well. Not as badass as these but the tunes are groovy. Groovy is a 70s word, right?

    A guy who lives in my town also has a sick seated Shoulder Press. He says his sessions don’t last longer than 45 minutes. I didn’t believe him until I saw him warm up to an easy 500 on Incline Bench in only 10 minutes.

  2. I appreciate people being strong and all, but I doubt there is a Military in the world who are sitting down and half-assing.

    Those are both Partial Inclines.
    I’m not sure why it annoys me so much, but it does. I’m a small man, a small petty man.