Spencer, Vids

Squatland Yard
My friend Spencer is an editor at the sports site Every Day Should Be Saturday and a contributor to SB Nation. He’s been to one of the 70’s Big Workshops, has written this article about AC, has a gnarly mustache, and refers to himself as “more of a pack mule” regarding conditioning. In other words, he’s a cool dude.

A couple weeks ago he asked me some questions that came from his readers for the first episode of his off-topic podcast, Squatland Yard. What resulted is a random, amusing podcast. Enjoy.

Chris and Mike train hard and are reckless. They are both on advanced stages of some kind of TM programming that we’ve tweaked together. Here are a few solid vids.

Here’s Chris squatting 610×2 — more than his old max.

Here is Mike pulling a solid 545×3. He pulled around 580 last summer, and I expect him to break the 600 mark at Militar Nationals in San Antonio.

Additionally, Mike’s brother is a jacked, deep voiced dude who is getting back into training. He smokes an easy 475×3 squat here: