Australian Story

Australian Story
I meet all kinds of people through this website. I hesitate to accept lots of Facebook friend requests (it’s getting harder to tell a creeper from his profile picture), but I’m glad I accepted Tom’s. Tom is an Australian, ginger version of Brent Kim. Except Tom is taller. And is nothing like Brent except for his internet trolling ability.

In any case, he told a compelling story on his Facebook status the other day. I deemed it good enough to share. Behold…

February 10 at 2:00am:
I got to the gym today and as I was walking to the door I saw a hawk fly across my path. I walked over to where he’d been and saw what was left of the rooster that used to reside in a pen next to the gym (R.I.P. Blacky). I walked in to the gym and started warming up.

February 10 at 2:03am:
Later on, I went to put some water in my shaker for my PWO Shake (2 scoops waxy maize, 1.5 scoops WPC) and noticed there was a little frog in the sink drain. I undid the u-bend and Australia’s strongest powerlifter took him from me and placed him in the little garden beside the entry. I went back in to finish my chins.

February 10 at 2:04am:
Finally, as I was getting ready to leave I was notified by another mate that a goanna had arrived and decided that Blacky’s remains looked to be a delicious meal. We all stood around for 5-10 minutes and watched a goanna eat his dinner. After this, I went and collected my gear and drove home.


The tone of this story makes me think of this video. Later in the comments, some guy (presumably Australian) said that it sounded like a Pokemon episode. Australia sounds interesting, no?

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Additionally, the “original logo” is now available on a green shirt so that you can look excessively manly while you get excessively drunk on March 17th. Win-win. Australians also celebrate St. Patty’s Day.


Question of the Day
Do you have any sweet lifting stories from a country not in north America?