IPF Weight Class Change

The Internationa Powerlifting Federation (IPF) has re-structured their weight classes.
The old weight classes:
Men (kg)
Women (kg)

New Weight Classes


I don’t know what to make of it. In both cases the cap for heavyweights was lowered and the minimum changed (men’s increased, women’s decreased). I know that Chris won’t be slimming down to the 265 lbs weight class, so it looks like he’ll be a super heavyweight. There’s speculation of why the weight classes were changed, but I’m not familiar with the variables that went into the official decision (I’m sure there are a lot of pissed off dudes). Feel free to share any info you find.

Additionally, I always look at the USAPL as the standard in powerlifting. I’ve had issues with their judging (and other people have echoed the same), but it’s one federation that is prominent throughout the country. I’m not a fan of having eight thousand different federations (Hitler is most definitely NOT a fan either, see video below). It seems that the changing weight classes will just stir the pot around a bit more and promote disparity between feds. Thoughts?

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27 thoughts on “IPF Weight Class Change

  1. Yeah, I am glad too, I think I am meant to be around 230#ish. At 242#, I was fat, and at 220#, I am a little small, so the 105kg class sounds perfect to me.

  2. Fuck. Just when I was on the road to getting close to 220 (I’m at ~213 now). No way I’m going up to 230ish at my height. Looks like I’m gonna have to drop weight if I want to compete in USAPL. That sucks.

  3. Pros: fewer weight classes=more competition at local meets

    might help IOC consideration (i’m still skeptical)

    Cons: it screws up long standing records

    will make the USAPL more hated

    will make the IPF more hated

    it doesn’t align with Olympic weight classes so its annoying and confusing

    I think it really puts guys previously at 125kg in a tight spot between cutting to get to a good class and forcing them to put on a TON of weight to compete with the superheavies

  4. So wait, I’m confused…which federations does this affect? Is the IPF prominent in the US? Either way, I don’t see the point.

    By the way, which fed does Matt Kroczaleski compete in? I’ve heard he was the all-time record holder for the total in the 100kg class, but I Googled “powerlifting world records”, and there were lifts and totals listed well above his. Stupid multiple federations…I’m glad Olympic lifting doesn’t have this problem.

    There were some hysterical Hitler parodies related to powerlifting on YouTube a while ago, but I think they got removed.

    USAPL uses IPF ruling.


  5. As there is not a USAPL/IPF meet within a 10 hour drive of me (since I’m in the middle of Montana), I am not really concerned about the weight class change. However, I don’t the idea of different federations having different weight classes. There should be one standard and fewer federations.

    If I did compete in the IPF instead of the AWPC/AAPF, I think that a couple of the new weight classes would be a better fit for my natural weight. I think my girlfriend would fine too since she could cut to 47kg if she wanted to.

    If the IPF wanted to be more like an Olympic sport, why didn’t they just copy the same weight classes? Some of the cut offs in the new weight classes seem arbitrary. I like when things end in 5s and 0s. It just looks cleaner.

  6. Like AJ said, I think one of the major things was to reduce the number of weight classes. Fewer classes = better competition and potentially shorter meets.
    There’s also rumours of the IOC having some effect on the decision. They might be trying to distance themselves from the rest of powerlifting- possibly for an olympics berth. Anyone’s opinions on IPF and IPF affiliates aside, if one federation is going to get olympic status it’s going to be them.
    (I’m firmly in speculation land right now, by the way)
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the IPF was trying to distance itself from the somewhat less drug tested past, much like the IWF did- redoing the weight classes gives you an easy way to null all the previous records without actually having to scratch them and mire yourself in a PR nightmare.
    They’re holding a Raw world championships in 2012 as well in sweden I believe. Death knell for all the minor raw feds that have sprung up? Recognizing raw lifters could mean a substantial boost in membership.

  7. Copy paste from the IPF website

    Here are some information regarding the decisions of the 2010 IPF General Assembly

    * Johnny Graham (USA) was elected as IPF Vice President

    * New weight classes beginning 1st of January 2011 on international and regional level

    Women: up to 43 kg (Sub-Junior/Junior); 47 kg; 52 kg; 57 kg; 63 kg; 72 kg; 84 kg; +84 kg

    Men: up to 53 kg (Sub-Junior/Junior); 59 kg; 66 kg; 74 kg; 83 kg; 93 kg; 105 kg; 120 kg; +120 kg

    * In connection with the new weight classes new world and regional standards will be introduced and the current record list will be frozen 31st of December 2010

    * World and International records can only achieved on World or Regional championships. To achieve World and International records on national championships it is not longer valid.

    * The current approved list is frozen until 31st December 2014. No new equipment will be approved.

    * Decisions about Technical Rules will be made by the Executive Committee together with every 2 members of the Technical Committee, Women Committee, Athletes Commission and Coach Commission. A 2/3 majority within this group is necessary for changes.

    * Bench Press:

    – It was deleted: Any pronounced and exaggerated uneven extension of the arms during the lift.

    – Feet movement flat on the floor/block/plates are allowed

    – Impairment form is deleted.

    * Probably July 2012 we host in Sweden an IPF/Eleiko World Powerlifting Classics Championship. This is an unequipped event. Information will follow.

    More decisions you will find then in the Minutes, which will be published soon.

  8. I e-mailed my state chairman about this. This is what he said.
    “The IPF is working with the International Olympic Committee in trying to gain inclusion into the Olympic Games. The number one obstacle is the number of positive drug tests. The positive rate can not exceed 1.3% to be considered for inclusion. Also, the IOC required weightlifting to reduce it’s number of weight classes to 8 as a prerequisite to allow women’s weightlifting (with 7 weight classes) into the Olympics in 2000. Thus, the IPF is being proactive in reducing the number of weight classes, so that once the drug testing protocol is met, they will have the number of weight classes within acceptable limits.”

    In my area, the only fed that actually has meets is the USAPL. There are NASA meets, but they suck because they have curls instead of squats. Honestly.

    This really pisses me off because I was a 125 kg guy. I walk around at about 285 and I just have a small water cut for the meet. I absolutely refuse to lose 10 lbs so I can fit the 264. I’m 5’10” and 264 is just too damned light.

    As for competing with superheavies… I’m a raw lifter and I’m weak as shit anyway (525/358/529) so there’s no reason for me to complain about not being competitive at a lower weight.

    My long term goal is an elite raw total (1654) as a 275 lbs lifter according to the SPF rules. So what I’m just going to stay at this weight and continue to make my 10 lbs water cuts until I get this total… then I’ll start pissing and moaning about having to gain weight to be competitive.

    The chariman’s response makes sense. I’d want to be included in the Olympics if I was a world caliber powerlifter too.


  9. BS, I am weak in the 100kg class, I train right around 100kg and now I get to compete with the 105kg. “Doing my best” never sounded so necessary (and lame), eff.

  10. @Terrible

    Makes me feel like a pussy to live in Illinois–first the White Sox, then Obama, and now strict-Curls replacing Squats…what has this nation/region/state come to?!

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