Congrats — With Another Update

You may remember my post on The Killustrator. Well, he’s got some pretty sweet posters, shirts, and pictures. If you buy anything on and enter the code “70BG”, you can get a 10% discount on orders over $25. That should help you save some doll hairs while getting the newly available shirt, “My bar is my therapist” (pictured below).

The fan favorite shirt is now available


Congratulations to Colin from Denton, TX for winning the Mustache’s of May contest. You all may know him as…# 11.

June’s picture contest will be “Best Before And After”. If you found the site when you were skinny, well, you shouldn’t be skinny anymore. We’d like to hear about (and see) your improvements. You can submit pictures to for this contest. Thanks for all the mustache dudes for participating, and I want to sincerely apologize to Frankie for him not getting voted into the finals. That was a solid handlebar.

I’ll put a new sticky up for June, and Gant will probably have a new challenge ready.

There won’t be a June Challenge because I don’t want to interrupt training two months in a row. We’ll reconvene in July. In the meantime, keep the grill hot and the beer cold. If you’re not the designated kid-thrower at pool parties, you’ve done something wrong. -Gant


I love this video of Ricky Bruch. I just thought you all would need to see it again.

31 thoughts on “Congrats — With Another Update

  1. What about results for the last one?

    I dunno, I thought there was a reader who was compiling that…?


    I have them on a spreadsheet. Everyone’s info is down. I’ll post them tomorrow.


  2. I was listening to Iron Radio yesterday, and they had a chick on from some Crossfit gym. They all seemed cool, and mentioned that they had done the 70s Big May Challenge, but she said, “The Mark Rippetoe – 70s Big May Challenge.”

    If she reads these, I hope gives you guys (Justin, Gant et al) the credit you guys deserve.

    I hope so too.


    Perhaps they should change the name to PVC Radio.


  3. what is the latest deadline to submit pics for the Before and After competition?

    Gonna take a stab at it and say by the end of the month.


  4. Awesome stache, Colin – I hope you keep it around and post a pic in the new free shirt soon!

    On another Lonestar note, any 70sbig friendly gyms in the Big Bend area? Marfa, Alpine, etc. I’ll be around for a week taming the local black bear population and hate to miss all my scheduled training days.

  5. Question, which Bear is best?

    Bears are my favorite animal. My personal favorite is the brown bear — their features are softer, and that makes them significantly more amusing to me (bears also lead my list of funny animals). However, for the sake of 70’s Big, I’d have to go with the grizzly. And the polar bear. Or a fight to the death between the two.

    Edit: I wouldn’t want either one to die, that’d be a waste of a good bear. They could just wrestle to a three count pin as long as they stayed in the ring. No double count outs, but the match only ends in the ring.


  6. I posting results from the May challenge. I realize that June is already here, but where I come from Men don’t use clocks and watches – we tell time according to the moon and the stars, and there are lots of trees where I’m from. So.

    For me, at a bodyweight of 175, squat max of 365, snatch at 87kg and C&J at 107kg:
    BS (225) – 30 reps
    Bench (225) – 2 reps
    DL (225) – 21 reps

    My buddy who did it with me (weighs slightly less, snatches 82 and C&J 110):
    BS (225) – 25 reps
    Bench (225) – 1 rep
    DL (225) – 38 reps

    …we were both walking pretty funny for a while afterwards.

  7. Jacob, going off of your “I was hungry and thirsty for beer” from yesterday…

    Chris and I were mowing and edging the yard yesterday. I was finishing cutting the front yard, and all I could think about was a huge glass of ice water. Well, Chris said, “Hold on,” and walked inside.

    He came out with two beers, and that was the most quenching beer I have ever had — I chugged it without hesitating. Really hit the spot.

  8. Justin,
    Yes I’d have to agree with grizzly. But obviously you don’t watch The Office. Haha
    Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

    No, I only watch porno.


  9. I think a nice cage surrounding the ring would prevent double countouts in the polar bear vs grizzly bear main event. The undercard of koala bear vs panda bear has been hyped good as well. Id recommend a large mammal as the referee as well. Not bear sized as it needs to be believable whenever polar bear knocks out the ref and attempts to cheat by having his eskimo friends come in to the cage only for grizzly to make a comeback… toss eskimo number 1 through the cage, bite off number 2’s head and presses eskimo 2 through the roof. This however will give polar bear a time advantage so the actual finish is up in the air. A double countout may be suitable so you can build towards Seventys Big Survivor Series with Team Grizzly (Grizzly Bear, Davey Crockett, The Bearded Guy from the Hangover and there mystery partner) vs Team Polar (Polar Bear, Eskimos 1, 3 and 4 (2 died)). This of course will escalate to another Pay Per View extravaganza in which Polar and Grizzly settle the score and everyone is barred from ringside.

    Sounds like I just made you some bear fighting rassling money Justin.

  10. that mustache sucks, he looks like Errol Flynn. It is not 70sbig at all…I might also add that he kind of looks like a fine arts school reject.

    Did you type that while eating a nice peanut butter and jealous sandwich?


  11. What was that movie with the polar bears that wear armor and talk and Sam Elliot?

    Are you thinking of the Golden Compass? The movie pretty much sucked, but the books were better. Go on my Facebook notes; I copied an excerpt when Iorek Byrnison fights and kills Iofur Raknison. After killing him, he uses his claws to cut Iofur’s chest open in order to consume his heart.


  12. Thanks Gant.
    Justin-I did the TSC results because my friend and I wanted to know how we did and as there’s no absolute score or total the only way to make comparisons is to crunch the whole results.

  13. One of the boys I coach throws the discus. I should show him the Ricky Bruch videos. Heck I should show all my boys the videos.

  14. I thought Jaocb’s stache was definately 70s Big, Colin’s was cool only in the world of Civil War reenactments which are gay.

    Have you ever been to a Civil War Re-enactment?


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