Zombie Fodder

“There, Ricky Bruch, you can argue that too.”

70’s Big will always take a stand against conventional fitness wisdom and the fitness industry. It is a money oriented industry that thrives on selling a shortcut to emaciation. Being skinny with abs is just not impressive nor productive. This demographic will fall early and fast when the inevitable zombie outbreak occurs.

Face it, the following video is full of guys that are doomed to be zombie fodder:

Wow, that was a lot of underweight guys who probably wear skinny jeans. Surely those non-adult-males could have made better money as an extra in a porno or something (you know, like a guy eating a sandwich in the background…they needed one anyway). And the device itself is…inadequate. I can get plenty of exercise for the “hand shandy muscles” on my own, thank you.


Today is the day that you get acquainted with Ricky Bruch. In short, the guy is fucking insane. It’s hard to glean any interesting information, because all the juicy stuff is just hearsay. From what I found in my “research” (which consisted of YouTube and eating snacks) is that he is a Swedish discus thrower who won a bronze medal in the 1972 Olympic Games. However, a steroid fiasco kept him out of further competition, and this pissed Ricky off. A lot. He trained like an absolute madman (which you’ll see in the video below), and proceeded to throw the discus between 3 and 5 meters further than the current world record (unofficial sources vary with the distance). After he stopped taking steroids, there are reports that he took about 750 vitamin pills a day while improving his performance even more.

If anybody has any sources on him, or they own his documentary/biography called The Soul Is Greater Than the World, let me know. It’s supposed to be very inspiring because of his undying motivation to get better. He has the perfect equation of
Beard + Mustache + Strong + Big + Intense Training + Insanity
Our kinda guy.

The following video has some clips of him training. It gets good around the 2:00 minute mark. If you are short on time, and only want to see him freak out, then go to the 3:00 minute mark. Lots of yelling.

After that first video above, we had to double up on the testosterone. Thanks Ricky.