Beard Contest

Not everyone can grow a beard. First, someone may have missed out on the genetic trait of beard growing. Second, someone may have a job or wife that prevents them from growing it out. Third, someone may lack the testicular fortitude to grow one. These are the men that ignored all three obstacles, and got burly during Novemburly.

#1 - Scott from Chicago, 6'4, 220

#2 - Brian

#3A - Zac

#3B - Zac again, I thought both were kinda funny

#4 - Trampas (see info below)

Trampas’ e-mail included the following stats/message:

Ht: 6’6″
Wt: 285
Linear Beard Progression:
Time: 29 days
Length: 1.25 inches
Animals housed: 2 deer, 1 rabbit

Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!

#5 - Milton, 6'1, 235

This is all I got in my direct e-mail. If you have a gnarly beard, send it in today and I’ll add it throughout the day. Happy lifting.

#6 - Mathis, 5'10, 220

#7 - Nick

#8 - Paul, recent strongman event (write up coming)

#9 - Brian

#10 - Jake, beard project while in Pakistan

#11 - Gabrus, rugby player and comedian (see link below)

Gabrus, the comedian

#12A - my friend Robert

#12B - I liked this one of Robert too

#13 - Sean, 5'10 and 240, likes to party

#14 - Josh from Quebec, self-proclaimed victor of contest

#15 - Harrison makes his way into another pic contest

#16 - Craig pulling the beard off at work

#17 - Kris, gained 20 pounds in Nov, and squatting old 1RM for 3x5

#17 - the forgotten Matt

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32 thoughts on “Beard Contest

  1. Trampas has my vote! I’d like to hear his lifting stats out of curiosity, though. Maybe we can start making stats a part of the facial contests? haha

    Also, a poll is needed!

  2. I rocked the worst ‘stache ever for the month, a result of number one. I tried taking a picture to subit, but it was too awful.

    I went to a graduation ceremony for some F-22 Pilots, and one of them had a light blonde baby ‘stache. He had been rocking it for a while and refused to shave it. It looked horrible, and that’s the way he liked it.


  3. Its an honor just to be nominated! I (Milton) had to carry that beard to the office every day. People (clients) would make wise cracks about it – but I figured it was out of jealousy!
    Trampas…excellent work!

  4. Justin, not beard related, but what are the odds of you doing some interviews with people? I was thinking Chad Wesley Smith would be an awesome interview. He’s over 300 lbs, squatted 635×10, is a thrower, and just released a training manual that notes Doug Young as an inspiration. If he’s not the current day model of what 70’s Big is then I don’t know who would be.

    I’m very interested in interviewing and am fascinating by how people conduct interviews. I’m open to a list of accessible people to interview and the means to do it (I’d like to do short voice interviews). I’ve been fascinated with radio and conducting a show for a very long time too (I listen to talk radio all the time).


  5. So Christmas is a few weeks out and some of you are probably like me, wondering what the F to get your girlfriend who you’ve finally convinced to start squatting, boyfriend, mother, father, grandmother, lifting buddy, panhandler on the subway. Well drop that LL Bean Catalogue and look no further. I found the most awesome present ever! We all know the best gift is one that you get to use sometimes. And no, I don’t work for walmart. This is just a great thing to have around. I’m buying one for my girl and my roommates and probably my mom, that way they can enjoy it as much as me :) Fuck monogrammed pajamas. I want eggs!

  6. Nice beards you guys have. Give me like 2 months and i’ll be confident enough to take a picture of the hair on my face lol. The christmas vacation reference had me laughing pretty hard. Looks pretty spot on.

  7. #1 Scott for my money.

    He’s got the proportions bang on, not too long under the chin and just the right amount of side-fluffiness to counter balance his naturally grizzly aura. Looks to be in an ‘always ready to party’ state.

    Special commendation to #6 Mathis for the face he’s pulling. GREAT eyeball intensity.

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  9. dude, you left me out still, even after you found the e-mail. No biggie, you’re slammed, I don’t think I’d put up much of a fight against some of these sick beards though. I’ll just have to include a beard pic in my recipe write-up in a few days.

    I don’t know why it wasn’t brought up in the search of my email. I just added it, albeit late. We’ll get a good one in with the recipe.


  10. I find it funny that my comments keep getting deleted off the facebook page. All I said was how its ironic that the “medhi” guy is marketing other people’s stuff that he basically preaches against.

    oh well. He’s also the guy who ran smolov on a 100kg squat too, so I guess he doesn’t even follow his own program.

    What is he marketing?


  11. I have seen Tenacious D twice, and both times was swarmed by a crowd outside the venue being mistaken for Jack Black. (true story)

    I’m also trying desperately to get in touch with someone who will hook me up a job as Jack Black’s stunt double.

  12. < Robert here.

    Thanks for the awesome words Sean. It isn't looking to good for me either at this point. But, if I have to lose, I am honored to lose to Trampas. That picture is fucking awesome.

    I didn't send Justin my stats, but I am 6' even and 310lbs in the farmer's walk picture. I would guess I'm two pounds heavier after the 50 chicken nuggets.

  13. No beard since I’m military but one of maybe two or three officers who sport a ‘stache. The other I’ve seen is a major who looks like he smokes a pipe and drinks fine scotch.

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  15. Thanks @Gurner, appreciate it, and yes I am pretty much always in a state of ready to party. Nice work on the beards everyone, lookin burly. Have a good one