Workshop Weekend — DC — June 23/24

The 70’s Big Workshop Weekend on June 23rd and 24th near Washington D.C. is a combination of a Lifting Workshop on Saturday and a Programming Workshop on Sunday. The Lifting Workshop teaches, improves, and solidifies lifting mechanics and technique in the squat, press, deadlift, power clean, and some assistance exercises (including mobility work for each) while the Programming Workshop is a collection of lectures on programming fundamentals, programming strength, programming conditioning, how to combine strength and conditioning, programming for specific goals/competitions, and how to deal with set backs and injuries. See below for information and schedules for each.

Attendees can attend one day or the other for $175, or attend the entire weekend for $300. To purchase the full weekend, use the following button:

This image purchases both the Lifting and Programming Workshops. To purchase one separately, see below.

Price of both days: $300

Price of one day: $175

The Saturday and Sunday locations will be at the same location. Sunday is primarily a classroom lecture format, and you won’t need any lifting gear.

CrossFit Annandale
7861-B Heritage Drive
Annandale, VA 22003


The 70’s Big Lifting Workshop is designed to teach, improve, and solidify technique in barbell training in beginning or experienced lifters. After a short, basic lecture on lifting fundamentals, attendees will squat, press, deadlift, and power clean. At this point, we free style depending on what the group wants to go over but typically highlight RDLs, rack pulls, and barbell rows. The practical sessions are designed to teach or improve lifting mechanics and efficiency. Attendees are taken through various mobility workouts prior to each lifting session.

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This button for Saturday Lifting Workshop only.
Price: $175 this day only

When: February 18, 2012

Start time: 9:00 AM

70’s Big Lifting Workshop Tentative Schedule

9:00 AM – Introduction and Fundamentals
Get to know the attendees and discuss the day’s topics and schedule. Lecture on strength training equipment (such as belts and shoes), warming up, breathing, basic bar-lifter mechanics, and optimal body positioning when lifting.
45 minutes

10:00 – Squat
Teaching and practicing the back squat. Low and high bar positions can be taught depending on the attendee.
90 minutes

11:30 – Deadlift
Teaching and practicing the conventional deadlift.
90 minutes

1:00 – Lunch
Quick lunch to prevent belligerent attitudes and ensure volatility.
60 minutes

2:00 – Press
Teaching and practicing the standing, overhead press.
60 minutes

3:00 – Power Clean
Teaching and learning the power clean.
60 minutes

At this point, we will free style and teach/learn/practice whatever lifts the group chooses. This will often be decided in the morning.
Note: Schedule is tentative. The squat may take longer or the press may not require a full hour. The ability of the attendees will determine the session lengths.

7:00? – Dinner
We will attack a local restaurant that has ample amounts of meat and ale. Discussions and brash attitude will occur.
Time unknown. Dinner not included in price of workshop admission.



The 70’s Big Programming Workshop (v4.0) is a lecture-based presentation of how to get big, strong, and more conditioned. Lectures cover programming fundamentals, programming strength, programming conditioning, how to combine strength and conditioning, programming for specific goals/competitions, and how to deal with set backs and injuries.

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This button for Sunday Programming Workshop only.

Price: $175 this day only
When: February 19, 2011
Start time: 9:00 AM

70’s Big Workshop Schedule

9:00 AM – Introduction
Get to know the attendees, discuss programming goals and interests, and recap the day’s topics and schedule.
30 minutes

9:30 – The Fundamentals
Introduce the concept of stress and adaptation and how it effects performance, how the dose-response relationship changes with training advancement, proper strength training equipment, recovery methods (including prehab and stretching), nutrition, and expelling some training myths.
60 minutes

10:30 – Programming Strength
How to implement and tweak various linear progressions, intermediate programs (including the Texas Method), and different or advanced programs. Programming lectures will include the conceptual background with programming guidelines followed by specific outlines and examples.
60 minutes

11:30 – Programming Conditioning
Develop a comprehensive understanding of different types of conditioning, why it’s useful, how it’s implemented, and where to program it in congruence with strength. We’ll also cover how to vary the conditioning stress throughout a week for optimal recovery.
60 minutes

12:30 – Lunch
Quick lunch break to stay anabolic and jacked.
60 minutes

1:30 – Programming for Goals
This is where we apply the strength and conditioning lectures into specific outlines for different types of goals, including strength activities, team sports, individual competitions, endurance, PT tests, and military job preparation.
60 minutes

2:30 – Preparing for Competition
How to peak for various events and competitions and how to prepare for your first powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting meet.
60 minutes

3:30 – Prehab/Rehab/Mobility
Discuss and demonstrate good prehab routines, various stretches, and how to deal with various lifting and athletic related injuries in the weight room.
45 minutes

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