I signed up for a state meet on October 25th. My training partners Norman, Carsley, and Reese are entering as well. Reese’s sister Ariel is also competing. All of us are going for 600+ deadlifts. Reese will most likely pull over 700. Ariel weighs about 118 and is going to bench 225. Should be a good time. I also got a job doing corporate fitness. It’s pretty nice. The clientele are all great. Most of them come from a very active background.

I’d link a video of Reese pulling 690×3, but the embedding isn’t working. Cool huh? It’s on my Instagram (Acis70sbig). I post more pics/videos on there some times because it’s more convenient. Unfortunately embedding doesn’t always work.

Front Squat: 275×3
Deadlift: 575×2/480x3x3
Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups: 3×5

Bench: 365x1x8
Chain Bench: 385x2x2

  1. Dude, you oughta grow your hair back out.

  2. What meet is it? I have never done one and definitely need to pop my cherry.

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