HB Squat: 390x6x2/390×5
RDL’s: 235x6x3
Rows: 235x5x3

Bench: 325x5x2/315×5
Press: 205x3x3
Skull-Crushers: 115x8x3
Dips: BWx10x3

Front Squat: 275×3
Deadlift: 515×2/415x3x7
Pull-Ups/Chins: 3×5

Bench: 380x2x3
Close-Grip: 355x2x3 Failed last rep of last set

  1. “We own dis guy” lolz. Love m83. Can barely ever make out his lyrics. How do you like those Adidas?

    • They were odd at first. They are a bit more narrow than my old VS’s. I like them now. The lower heel is what I was going for.

  2. Hot damn. Nice work AC!

    Also I cue my wife with “squeeeeeeeeze my bar” every time she benches now.

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