Squat: 520×2
Pause Squat: 315×3/335×3/355×3
DE Bench: 235x3x6/90 sec

Bench: 395
Chain Bench: 415×2/415×1
Press: 225x3x3
Dips: 90x5x3

Rack-Pull: 645
Deadlift: 475x3x3
Rows: 275x5x3
Pull-Ups/Chins: 3×3

Song of the week:

  1. Were you just exhausted from the rows so you just did 3×3 pulls/chins or are you adding a ton of weight?

    Also do you mix up your hand position? i.e. narrow, normal, wide grips on pulls?

    • I was pretty exhausted. The workout was running a bit long. I mix up my hand position. I’d say they are “normal” grip. One set is technically one set of chins AND pull-ups. I’ll do a set of 5 normally, wait 30 seconds, then switch my grip. That would be counted as one set. In total I do 6.

  2. Cool tune. Thanks.

  3. Still training in May? A.C.: Days of Future Past.

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