Get Tan

No matter how tight I made the straps the chair couldn’t support me.

Squat: 345x2x8
DE Bench: 225×3/90 Seconds

Bench: 355x3x2
Close-Grip: 310×8
Press: 205×3/215×3/225×3
Dips: 90x5x3


Front Squat: 315×4
Deadlift: 535×3 (Skipped accessory work due to hamstring)
Pull-Ups/Chins: 3×5

  1. i feel molested by this picture. lol jk

  2. long-time lurker

    Hey AC –

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen Man of Steel, but there is a powerful scene in the movie that I thought you might like:

    Spoilers if you’ve never seen the movie, but very fitting for your 1rm squat if you know the context of the scene and what that machine is doing.

    Keep up the incredible and inspiring lifting, man of steel. You have limitless reserves of strength.

    • Excellent use of “Limitless reserves of strength”. You are indeed a long time lurker. I like that scene a lot. The part where his dad dies is pretty heart-wrenching too.

  3. sky’s out, thigh’s out? i’ve got nothin

  4. Now that’s a fine image for a stencil if e’er I’ve seen one.

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