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Pulled 600 for a double today. It felt a little slower than normal. My morning didn’t start off well. Got a speeding ticket. Felt groggy on top of that. Still got it. Still happy as fuck.

Squat: 430x5x3/430×3/430×5
DE Bench: 225x3x8
Seated DB Curls: 35x12x3

Bench: 365×3
Close-Grip: 290x8x2/290×4 (F)
Press: 185x5x2/195×5
Dips: 45x5x3

Front Squat: 315×4
Deadlift: 600×2/440x3x3
Shrugs: 440×10
Rows: 225x5x3
Pull-Ups/Chins: 3×5

Go out there and spray this all over the world

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  1. Congrats, nice pull and awesome celebration! Do you front squat heavy right before deadlifting?

  2. Awesome. I think you have a big PR ahead of you at your next meet.

  3. Sheesh. Big PR.

    How fast were you going? Speeding PR?

    • It may be a speeding PR. 19 over lol. I was approaching a red light. There were two lanes. The light turns green as I am still approaching (going roughly 40). Instead of stopping to not crush the car in front of me just to speed back up I pass in the left lane. It’s downhill. I pick up speed. The cop is radaring at the “trough” of the hill. Sad face.

  4. In no way shape or form am I homosexual. That being said, I’m fully erect.

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