Meet Weekend

Traveled to Savannah this past weekend to coach my friend Mike during his first meet.

He went 8/9 and did 500/335/600 at 260. Had a sweet time. It was held by Josh Rohr in Crossfit Hyperformance. The meet went smooth and it was run very well. Crossfit Hyperformance is a badass place too. A guy named Drew runs it. Real cool guy. I suggest training there if you are in the area or are traveling through.

Squat: 405x5x5
Bench: 185×3/EMOM

Bench: 345x3x4
Close-Grip: 250x8x3
Press: 135x5x2 (Neck Pain)
Dips: BWx10x3 (Neck Pain)

Deadlift: 535×2/440x3x3
Shrugs: 440×10
Rows: 225×5/245×5/265×5
Chins/Pull-Ups: 3×5

  1. He did an awesome job for his first meet! How are you feeling?

    Real proud. Doing better. Been training normally for about two weeks since the food poisoning. Thanks for asking.

  2. I pulled 535×2 yesterday also!! meet looks cool, low bench compared to the squat and dl though. I notice that with a lot of people

    • Mike is really tall. His arms are long. A mid 300 bench is pretty good for competition. I don’t run across a lot of people who do much more.

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