Mmmmm Recovering

Brent Kim 4 Prez

Squat: 345x2x8
DE Bench: 205x3x8/EMOM
DB Curls: 30×12/35×12/40×12
1 Mile Run

Bench: 315x3x5
Close-Grip: 225x6x3
Press: 135x5x3
Dips: BWx10x3

Deadlift: 405x3x5
Shrugs: 405×10
Rows: 185x5x3
Pull-Ups/Chins: 3×5 each
DB Curls: 35x10x3

Squat: 225x5x5
Bench: 225x3x5
Deadlift: 225x5x2

  1. What’s your mile time mang? lol I’ve been thinking on doing more conditioning like mile runs and slud pushes and stuff. Tryna get more athletic

    • I don’t really run it for time. Not sure what it would be if I did. Right now it’s a rough 9 min mile. That’s pretty awful, but considering the circumstances and my lack of conditioning it’s a good start. Looking to get it back down towards 7. Honestly, I do it so when I got back to boxing my conditioning isn’t back at square one.

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