Method into Madness

Any of you guys play GTA: V on PS3?

Squat: 360x5x5
DE Bench: 210×3/Every 90 Sec/8 sets
Boxed: 5 rounds/5 min rounds

Bench: 350x1x8/310x3x6
Press: 185×5/195×5/205×5
Dips: 90x5x3

Front Squat: 335×5
Deadlift: 535×2/440x3x6
Shrugs: 405×10
Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups: 6×5
DB Curls: 25x8x4

  1. Nah breh, got it on dat 360 doe.

    Big mistake.

  2. Good work in here, dude. Just realized you got rid of Facebook today.

    Regarding the previous food post, it is amazing what cooking can do for your palate.

    I’m all about cooking now. Feel free to share tips etc. It was about time I got rid of it. When people you know start caring more about “likes” and “comments” instead of texts and phone calls, then there is a problem

    • Truth.

      I have no means of harassing you other than through here now. Sad days.

      I’ll keep my gchat up just for you.

  3. Get yourself some of this: The red label is MSG free. It’s great on just about everything.

    Can you describe the flavor?

    • Amazing.

      It’s not overpowering, it just gives a really good flavor to the things I cook, especially stuff like Tri-Tip or ground beef. None of the ingredients are overpowering, it’s just a nice blend of spices.

      I’ll give it a shot then. Ordered.

  4. Try to get an electric smoker when they’re on sale. Easy to use and makes some damn tasty animals. Got mine from Home Depot when it was 1/2 off for like $150.

    You might have to enlighten me. I’m not familiar with that.

  5. Would you mind sharing some some of the staple foods that you buy on the reg? I’m finally getting off the college meal plan next semester so I’m stoked to transition in to the world of cooking on my own. Food prep tips would be appreciated as well- if you’re willing to get in that deep, of course. Thanks man

    It might be faster if we email each other.

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