Level Up

Once you start improving your cooking skills each meal isn’t so bad.

Bench: 340x1x8/300x3x6
Press: 185×5/195×5/205×5
Dips: 100x5x3

Boxed: 5 Rounds/3 minutes each

Front Squat: 335×3 (My front rack was off)
Deadlift: 505×2/410x3x8
Shrugs: 525×6
Rows: 285x5x3
Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups: 6×6

  1. nice stove top covers HAHAHHAAAA

    I’ll tell my mom you like her stove covers

  2. Thoughts on the Smolov program? (aside from the cycle and hammer)


    Let me read more and I’ll get back to you shortly.

  3. sickle**

  4. Male 6′ 230lbs 390x5x3 squat

    One of the main reasons I keep coming back to this site is because respond so frequently.

  5. Feel free not to post that comment I just left, I feel like without nonverbal context it comes across as derogatory. The main page is awesome and I refer back to it all the time for the older articles. I understand Justin is busy as shit and has already made a huge contribution with all the shit he has put out for free.

    Did you comment on the right blog?


  6. I did, I follow you and Chris pretty regularly.

    Is this just a statement about how you follow the site or what? I am confused as to the context of the comment. As it looks written out you’re just telling me how tall you are, How much you can squat, and that you check the site.


  7. Whoops, my bad. I asked about the Smolov program, and then headed for the gym. While I was down there I thought it might have been helpful to give you an idea of my height/weight/latest squat (something I gathered from lurking on the SS forums). So I posted that and then added the FUBAR comment that was supposed to relay my thanks to you for responding to all of us on a regular basis. I should definitely start proofreading my posts (I feel like this one will clear it up, but I am somewhat of a window licking knuckle dragger).

    O ok. It all comes together now. I def think an increased amount of volume would help anyone. It works because well, frankly, Smolov has been pretty successful for a lot of people. If your program is becoming stale or you want to try something new go for it.

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