16 Weeks

Trying a new program. An amazing 230 lifter, Nick, has forwarded me a nice new schedule. It’s MWF. Looking forward to trying it out.

Don’t be these people. I had to carry the woman in the white out. She didn’t have enough motor control to walk due to intoxication. Her friend and wingman decided to consume enough alcohol to kill a rhino. The lady in brown shit herself (pun intended). Both vomited and passed out until 3AM. You might say “Hey they are just young and like to party” Wrong. They were well above 40.

Squat: 300x10x3
DE Bench: 200x3x8/90 Seconds Rest
DB Curls: 30×12/35×12/40×12/45×12


Bench: 330x1x8/290x3x6
Press: 245×1/185×5 (Real tired after 14 sets of bench)
Dips: 90x5x3

Deadlift: 465×2/375x3x8
Shrugs: 500×6
Rows: 255×6/265×6/275×6
Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups: 6×5
DB Curls: 30×12/35×12/40×12

  1. Details on the program?

    Nick was kind enough to share. I’ll keep the excel sheet private, but I can’t stop you from looking at what I log.

    • Right. I thought it might be a “public program,” so to speak. I agree with maintaing the dignity of your friend’s privacy.

      Thanks man. It will slowly unravel I guess.

  2. Maturity knows no age. I don’t know how you deal with these people on a regular basis, AC.

    Most of the time you can ignore people unless they directly interact with you.


    As I told Gigi, Nick was nice enough to send it to me, but I’ll keep the excel sheet private. As enough time passes my training log will show the program.

  4. i believe the phrase you’re looking for is yolo. 😛

    lol they were the epitome of YOLO Saturday night.

  5. What goals are you looking to hit using the new program?

    575/415/630. They aren’t too far out of reach as long as my hips/shoulder stays healthy.

  6. hey AC,

    i was going reading your post in 2011 and i saw a post where Dustin injured his disc.


    is he still lifting? how did he recover from it?

    He recovered from his injury and did not require any surgery. Dustin was never that into lifting. It was more of a taste test for a few months. He’s brutally strong without having to touch weights.

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