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Normans Meet

Norman is my training partner. He is getting into law enforcement and wanted to get one more meet in before having to start his career. He competed in the USAPL Winter Classic this past Saturday (1/25/13). He is about 6’1/6’2 and weighed in around 238. Unfortunately a few weeks ago he had a minor groin strain while squatting 475×2. We had to work around that. It affected the bottom position and his rebound. Moving on to the meet.

He went 3/3 on squats with lighter attempts. The idea was to put in some numbers and save his groin so he could attempt 600 for his third deadlift. He opened with 160 (352.5). His second attempt was 170 (374.7). The final attempt was 182.5 (402.2). Normally I wouldn’t have someone jump 28 pounds for their last attempt. In this case, Norman was adamant about at least doing 400+. He blasted it. This wasn’t heavy for him considering he has done plenty more in that past, however, we were keeping his injury in mind.

Onto his bench, He opened with 152.5 (336). It went really smooth. We called for 160 (352.5). His elbows flared after he received the press command. Norman does this on occasion. It stops the bar in its tracks. I called for the same weight for his third attempt. He crushed it BUT, he didn’t wait for the start command. Sigh. It happens. He hasn’t been on the platform in two years.

Norman wanted to hit 600 for this meet. His training had gone really well leading up to the competition. Minus the groin. He opened with 500. It was real easy. Second attempt was 550. It was real easy. We called for 600. He got it to below his patella, then he put it down. The bar was moving real smooth until that point. He came off the platform and said he felt a sharp pain in his groin. He did the right thing.

Overall he went 6/9. 402/336/550.

My other friend Clay had a fight on Saturday night too. I didn’t go because I passed out after Normans meet. I was told it was bloody . . .

He won, but not before he and his opponent traded elbows with each others noses.

Squat: 445×3/430×3/415×3/400×3
Pause Squat: 275×5
Reverse Hypers: 120x8x3
DB Rows: 100×10/110×8/120×6
Fat Bar Pull-Downs: 180×10/190×10/200×10
DB Curls: 35x12x3/25×15

Bench: 340×3/325×3/315×3/300×3
Press: 245x3x3 Missed 3rd Rep of 2nd set
Dips: 90x5x3

Deadlift: 615(F) 500×2
HB Squat: 335×5/315x5x2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x5
DB Curls: 35x12x4

Bench: 370×3
Close-Grip: 275×5/285x5x2
Skull-Crushers: 105×8/125×8/145×8
Tricep Pushdowns: 150×12/165×12/180×12

Squat: 440×3/425×3/410×3/395×3
Reverse Hypers: 100x8x3
DB Rows: 100x10x2/100×8
Fat Bar Lat-Pulldowns: 150×10/160×10/170×10

Bench: 340×3/325×3/315×3/300×3
Press: 235x3x3
Dips: 90x5x3

I know from experience dude

This is a buddy of mine named Clay. He had a contract in the UFC for a while. I started training with him twice a week. It is a refresher to learn some new type of skill. I suggest to anyone (as if someone gives a shit) to try something new. It feels good to utilize training for other types of work.

Theres no other way for two men to take a picture.

Squat: 500x1x3
HB Squat: 350×5/335×5/320×5
DE Deadlift: 295/On the Min/10 Min

Bench: 365/385/400
Close-Grip: 265x5x2/275×5
Skull-Crushers: 95×8/115×8/135×8
Push-Downs: 130×12/150×12/160×12


Squat: 435×3/420×3/405×3/390×3
RDL’s: 235x5x3
Rows: 245×5/255×5/265×5
DB Curls: 35x12x3

Bench: 335×3/320×3/315×3/300×3
Press: 225x3x3 (Slight wrist pain)
Dips: 45x5x3

They Call It Venom

Knightfall is one of the best graphic novels I’ve read

If you’re a big Batman fan, then its worth a read. A lot of story was based off of these books for recent Nolan Batman series.

Enjoy this awkward view of 465×5.

Deadlift: 485×5
HB Squat: 345×5/335×5/335×5
Pull-Ups: 35x5x5
DB Curls: 20×12/25×12/30×12/35×12

Bench: 370×2/355×3
Close-Grip: 255x5x3
Skull-Crushers: 85×8/95×8/105×8
Push-Downs: 105x12x3

Trained with Clay
30 Min Session

Squat: 425×3/410×3/395×3/380×3
Reverse Hypers: 100x8x3
DB Rows: 95x10x3
Fat Bar Lat-Pulldowns: 130×10/140×10/150×10
DB Curls: 35x4x12

Bench: 315x3x4
Press: 185×5/205×5/225×5
Dips: 45x5x3

Squat: 465×5
HB Squat: 315×5/325×5/335×5
Pull-Ups: 25x5x3
DB Curls: 35x10x4

Bench: 345×2/365x2x2
Dead Bench: 275/One minute rest/8 reps
Tricep Push-Downs: 105x10x3
Tricep Pull-Downs: 80x10x3
Kick-Backs: 30x10x3

got back from cruise
Squat: 405x3x4
Rack-Pull: 455×3
Rows: 225x5x3
DB Curls: 35x10x3