Going to Texas

Going to Texas to visit Chris/Mike/Brent. I’m real pumped. Probably gonna make some entertaining videos next week and keep Brent from Killing himself.

Squat: 495x1x3
HB Squat: 290x5x3
Rack Pull: 545×3
Pull-Ups: 5×5 BW
DB Curls: 55×10/45×10/35×10/25×12

Bench: 365×5
Slingshot: 390×2/405×2/420×2
Tricep Push-Downs: 150x10x3
Tricep Pull-Downs: 105x10x3
Kick-Backs: 30x12x3

  1. Sounds fun. Where do you live? I thought you lived in Texas.

    I live in Georgia

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