Who’s Boss

There was almost a giant brawl Saturday between some staff and this group of guys. It was going on right when we shut the music off. I kept yelling “He’s trying to kiss that guy! He tried to kiss me too! Look out for his kisses!”.

Another staff guy was shouting “Give em a smooch and show em who’s boss!”.

Squat: 465×3/450×3/435×3/420×3
DB Rows: 110×6/120x6x2
Reverse Hypers: 100x8x3
Fat Bar Lat Pull-Downs: 160×10/180×10/190×10
Seated DB Curls: 40×6/45x6x2/35x10x3

Bench: 350×3/340×3/325×3/315×3 All Paused
DB Incline Bench: 110×6/130×6/130×5
Press: 185x2x3 (Was pretty exhausted)
Dips: 135x3x3
Triceps were toast from Mondays workout. All the pausing is killing them.

Squat: 505×2/520×2/535
Front Squat: 335×2/345×2/355×2
Rack Pull: 500×3/545×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
DB Seated Curls: 45x6x3/25x10x3

Bench: 395x2x2/Failed on 3rd set. I tried wrist wraps. Kinda fucked me up.
Dead Bench: 365x1x5
Tricep Push-Downs: 3×10
Tricep Pull-Downs: 3×10
Kickbacks: 3×10

  1. How has it been doing your intensity days at the beginning of the week? I’ve been thinking about switching to that so I can have the whole weekend off from training.

    I prefer it during the beginning of the week. I can have the whole weekend to gorge myself. Give it a shot.

  2. I’m gonna put “Smooch” back in my vocabulary.

    It shouldn’t have left.

  3. I’ve said something similar in a confrontation before. The guy was saying typical pre fight phrases like “I’ll beat your fuckin ass!” My rebudle was “I’ll kiss you right on the fuckin mouth” he then proceeded to tell me he wasn’t gonna fight no phaggot.

    Works 60% of the time every time.

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