Work was pretty hectic on Saturday. Had to break up a fight. Was told to “Enjoy that 12 dollars an hour,buddy!”. I didn’t acknowledge it, but it’s actually 15. No point in arguing with a dildo.

It’s not my blood

This guy got so blackout drunk that he just collapsed. From the story I was told he fell and cracked his head right on the tile. Split it wide open. We didn’t see the gash until we were carrying him out. This dude was fat as fuck and just profusely sweating. It was so god damn hard carrying him. His arms would literally slide out of my hands. If this was a life or death situation he would have been left in order to keep the rest of us safe. I got the idea to scoop under his torso and grab his belt. Fuck he was pure dead weight.Then he finally woke up and tried to refuse the help we were giving him.

I was putting pressure on the gash with a towel. There was so much god damn blood. My right arm was covered in it.

He eventually made it to the hospital.

When we were holding him up outside there was a DJ playing in this big fenced off section of bars. Kinda like a pub crawl. He was playing the Blade techno music. There I was holding up a guy covered in blood while that shit thumped in my ears. I really enjoyed that moment.

I also met Kyle. A frequent visitor of the site and fan of 70’s Big. He’s a cool dude. I wish I could meet more people that visit the site.

This is just a good song

Bench: 345×3/330×3/315x3x2
Rest-Pause Bench: 300×10/30 Seconds Rest/300x2x5 30 Seconds rest between doubles
Press: 185x3x3 (My upper body was gassed after the rest-pause work)
Dips: 45x5x3

Squat: 475×2/485×2/495×2
Front Squat: 255×2 (Bothered my back so I stopped)
Rack-Pull: 455×3/500×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
DB Curls: 4×10/3×12
Back-Extensions: 3×10

Bench: 385x2x3
Dead Bench: 335×5/315x5x2
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10
Kick-Backs: 3×10

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  1. I like your stories pretty much.
    Will there be a third part of the Callahan interviews?

    Thanks for sharing, pretty muchh. There will be a third part. He trains at 7AM. He’s hard to catch lifting.

  2. Hey AC, did you do one of your write-ups on the squat? I swear you did, but my interweb ability is failing me big time and I can’t find it.


    • Thank you sir. Having trouble teaching myself this lift.

      Got any videos?

      • I squat again Friday, I’ll see if my brother can record me at the gym on my phone and I’ll send it over to you if you don’t mind.

        I check my email like 9 times a day. I’ll be waiting.

  3. yo AC its Kyle,
    thanks for the drink the other night, appreciate it.
    i dont usually talk about lifting with my friends that dont lift so after we were done talking, it was pretty funny trying to explain this blog + 70sbig to everyone. my friends responded mostly with “oh, i didnt know you like lifting weights”.


    guess i musta missed the fight too, probably was annoying for you, but it woulda been fun to watch haha

    That “oh, I didn’t know you like lifting weights” probably felt like a dagger lol. I think I passed you while I was throwing a dude out. That’s how sneaky I am.

    • thats pretty sneaky. guess i gotta start “liking lifting weights more”, which is probs true. i could be thicker

      Just keep doing your thing man. Add some meat to it though.

  4. Two posts in a row about having to break up fights? Exciting. Enjoy reading about bouncer life haha. Really cool that you met a visitor of the site. Gotta be nice to put faces with names. Is there a better way you’ve found to prevent bleeding of the shins while deadlifting (if that’s ever been an issue for you)? I always wear long socks but I bled all over the gym bar last week and the front desk guy made me fill out an unnecessarily lengthy “incident report” and it would be sweet if I never had to do that again lol.

    Ha my stories are alright. Kinda more of a venting medium for me. I’ve never had a problem with my shins bleeding. I’ve had some light scabbing at most. Have you tried doubling up on socks? or perhaps taping your leg underneath the sock?

  5. Can you tell me a little bit about your current program? Is it a TM set up?

    Similar to the TM. I have it laid all out for you guys so it shouldn’t be hard to see whats going on.

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