Deadlifting has been going well. It has been on the rise. Pulling over 600 is going to occur a few times before the year is out. I am very excited. Squatting has been a little shifty here and there. I am maintaining it well, but as far as it feeling easy is another story.

Bench: 345×5/330×5/315×5 Paused first and last rep for last set.
Press: 225×2/235×2/245×2
DB Incline Bench: 110×8/130×6/150×4 That was real hard
Dips: BWx10x3
DB Curls: 60×10/50x10x2

Power-Clean: 205x2x3
Squat: 445x3x3
Reverse Hypers: 150x8x3
Fat Bar Pull-Downs: 140×10/160×10/190×10

Bench: 405×2 (F) Got a single/ 425×1/445×1 (Both 425/445 Slingshot)
Floor Press: 315x3x3
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10
Sled Pulls: 135×10

Deadlift: 535×3/405×5 (Double Overhand)
Front Squat: 275×3 Felt real heavy after pulls
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Back Extensions: 50x10x3

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  1. Pretty impressive, man. Just out of curiosity, what does your diet look like these days?

    2 eggs w/cheese and turkey
    Bowl of Cottage Cheese

    2-3 Pieces of chicken
    Protein shake

    Some sort of chicken/beef

    2nd Dinner:
    Similar to the first
    Protein shake.

  2. nice that you’re getting back on track! Rocking a nice bandana as well I see 🙂

    What better way to protect your eyes from sweat then rocking a bandana with your country flag on it?

    • That it is! I like the American patriotism, if I would do such a thing here, I would be considered a neo-nazi.

      I”d like to know more. Why would you be a neo-nazi if you sported an American headband?

      • Hahaha no that would be ok, and for that matter a very good idea. What I forgot to mention that wearing the flag of my country.

  3. Um…

    The link shows no picture 🙁

    • crap I noticed that. well it’s Mr. Miyagi’s headband from karate kid. You should rock one of those…while always carrying around chopsticks

      haha even if i’m not asian?

  4. Your 405s were fast, did you feel that your hips were high at all ? Just asking, not critiquing.

    Thanks. I didn’t feel they were high. Why whats up? I”m open to discussion.

    • I was just wondering, cuz if my hips get high (even on lighter weights) I will feel it in my back later. Yours weren’t very high after watching again, maybe the diff camera angle made it seem that way.

      The problem may not be your hip position. It may be “how” you’re pulling. My pull position is ,relatively, where it needs to be. Feel free to video a set for me to watch man. Here is my back angle http://imgur.com/lHoMRBu btw


  5. I’m hoping this works. If not, I give up on the internet.


    It worked lol

  6. Good shit on those pulls, man. Thoroughly impressed. Would you mind reviewing/critiquing my squat form when you get a chance?

    Just email me

  7. Are you really hook-gripping those pulls?

    I’m no Chris Riley. Good ol fashioned double over-hand. Thats why I had to put it down fairly quickly at lockout. My grip was failing.

  8. how do you like reverse hypers? I have yet to find a gym with them to use, but hear they are cool

    They are real fucking hard when you have some weight on there. I like them a lot though.

    • They’re awesome as pre-hab after heavy DLs. Love love love them.

      Also, AC, got the tank man. Thanks for the note. I still owe you cookies from when USPS failed to deliver them!

      Ha no problem man. You got my address now if you feel like sending them!

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