Silky Smooth

I get to pee in these on the weekends.

USAPL Nationals are this weekend. If you’re going to be in Orlando we will all be there. Not sure when we are getting in. Much like the Arnold’s I extend an invite to hang out IRL. I met some dedicated people. We had a good time. Went to Jenni’s courtesy of Mike. Email me and we can figure some stuff out.

Thats White Panda’s new mix. It’s legit.

Bench: 350×5 (probably should have gone lower)
Floor Press: 225x3x3
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×12
Cable Curls: 50×10/70×10/90×10
Seated DB Curls: 20x10x3

Squats: 455×3
DE Deadlifts: 315/On the Min/10 Min
Pull-Ups: BWx10x5
Back Extensions: BWx10x3

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  1. This mix is probably my all time favorite (not including bootlegged live mixes I’ve heard).

    I could totally listen to this on a road trip.

    • Yeah, back before the wife and kids I drove a ton and this was always in the rotation. Also was awesome when I had a data entry type of job.

      Every time I drove from Statesboro to Atlanta (potentially a 5 hour trip with traffic) I rock these long mixes. Whats your job now?

  2. And this is my favorite live mix.

    Another solid road tripping jam

  3. I basically make sure our call centers have enough staff so they can answer calls fast enough so our customers don’t hate us. A lot of other boring stuff is involved. Interviewed for an IT gig last week though, hope to get good news next week. Three kids and a wife on one salary is tight. Any word on your job status?

    • Dammit, I suck at replying to the right comments.

      I feel like that’s a boring job. I got a hit from ASU for assistant performance coach. They emailed me and said I was put into their selection process after reviewing all the candidates. Real pumped about this. Arizona would be fucking sweet.

      • That’s awesome man! ASU is a legit program too I would imagine. And yeah, my job is boring as old man balls. I definitely wasn’t dreaming of this as my career as a kid. This is a lesson to all you kids to work hard ion school so you can chase your dreams. At least it pays the bills though.

        At least youre not flipping burgers.

        • Word, that’s why I don’t complain at all. I am blessed to be able to have my wife at home with our kids and still pay the bills and put food in our mouths with only my one job’s salary. I’ll gladly be bored for 40-50 hours a week for those things.

          When your kids get older is your wife going to pursue a job?

          • Most likely, but not sure if she’ll go back into office work. I would love for her to be able to pursue something she enjoys, so maybe some kind of catering business or something like that. No reason for both of us to have jobs that bore us to death.

            Good point. I assumed that when the kids are a little more self sustaining that she would work so you guys would be able to save more. Be able to do more vacation stuff etc. What the hell do I know? I don’t have kids.

          • We’re lucky in that my dad has a place up in Maine by the beach, so we can go up there for vacation time for cheap. If I get this IT gig my annual bonus will be pretty nice and could probably cover a good vacation. We try to live simply too, so once we rid ourselves of our remaining debt we’ll have some breathing room.

            I like your style man. It’s sweet that you’re not some asshole who only drinks Voss water.

  4. Of course I’m going to be in Orlando for a week…starting 2 weeks after this. It’s fine.

    Also, I’ll be crying tonight at the thought of 455×3 being a deload.

    Dang man. So close. It’s years of hard work my friend. I’ve had time on my side. Until I get sick, then I’ll lose 15 pounds and have a 6 month set back.

    • Yea I know that feeling. Spring break this year wrecked me, and I still can’t get my squat or deadlift back to that strength. Press and bench are stronger than ever, but I always seem to have to miss training days or injure myself when I’m getting close to my old PRs.

      I miss doing 15lbs a week on SS, setbacks were nothing.

      It’s called life my man.

  5. Bearly Legal is awesome. Has been my go-to mix for the past week or so. As a ‘Game of Thrones’ ultra-fan, I really love ‘Diamond Thrones.’ ‘All Knas Everything’ also really makes me giddy. Hope the ASU job search goes well, man!

    White panda is the tits. Waiting on a response email. Thanks man!

  6. Thank you for the introduction to the White Panda. Been listening to them all night and don’t regret one second of it. Nice urinals btw.

    Check out their other mix tapes man. They are legit.

  7. Don’t cut your penis on the edge of that there urikeg.

    I’ll take that as a compliment, but my dick isn’t that long.

    • Maybe he thinks you’re really short, ha.

      lol didn’t even think that.

    • How many drunk people have tried to deuce in those urikegs?

      I haven’t seen someone do it yet. Down at Southern people did it all the time.

      • When I was in high school my buddy and I went to a high school in another town because there was a girl there I liked and as a 17 year old it seemed super rebellious. We went into their faculty bathroom and my buddy dumped in their sink. Now you know that story.

        Dumping in a sink/urinal is pretty common. Still doesn’t make us any less douchey lol

  8. I remember once at a Pirates game at Three Rivers stadium (they had the old style troughs) there was a line out the door, so we did what any warm-blooded human should’ve done. Pee’d in the sink.

    Though, I was something like 4′ something” tall, so I may have missed a few times. Not real sure. Didn’t really care.

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