The 4th was cool

Was in Buckhead for the 4th. Had a solid night. My face could be greasier in this pic.

Shawn was supposed to hang out. Guess I’m chopped liver.

Shawn also said The Wolverine came out on Friday. It didn’t. He was only off by 2 weeks. I’m glad I wasn’t let down. Really looking forward to that movie. It looks intense as shit. I enjoy the psychological turmoil of Wolverine.

Erica writes:

FUCK U ALL Luke Bryan is FUCKIN’ gorgeous……. I HONESTLY would have a baby with HIM! So FUCK U ALL!

I thought this was very relevant. The post wasn’t close to 2 years old at all.

Bench: 340×5/325×5/3155
Press: 205×5
DB Incline Bench: 100x10x3
Dips: 90x6x3
DB Curls: 40x10x3
Seated DB Curls: 25x12x3

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
Power-Clean: 215x3x3
Reverse Hypers: 125x8x3
Fat Bar Lat Pull-Downs: 120×10/130×10/140×10

Bench:385×3/435×1/445×1 (Singles were with the Slingshot)
Close-Grip: 285×5/305×5/325×5 Touch and Go (No Bounce)
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×12
Single Arm Pull-Downs: 3×12
DB Curls: 45×10/35×12/25×15
Cable Curls: 60x10x3
Sled Pulls: 115×10

Squat: 500×2/520×2
Rack Pull: 555×1 (fatigued)/500×3
Pull-Ups: 35x5x3
Back Extensions: 45x10x3

  1. Lol’d at Erica’s post and and the commentary that followed.

    Then you will enjoy this. My friends response when I mentioned the late post. Keep in mind I did not write this.

    Dear Erica,

    You’re irrelevant. Your musical taste is fair at best. You are somehow interested in offering your backdated defense of a musician who doesn’t write his own hits. He’s not gorgeous, he’s a regular man who you find attractive because he sings someone else’s tunes. You wouldn’t look twice at him in a Walmart, where you’re likely to see him. The fact that you’re attacking a status from TWO years ago evidences how incredibly outdated your interests are, how backlogged your give-a-shit is and, in short, how irrelevant your existence is. Thank you.


    People living in the now.

    • Haha, got em! She deserved every word of that response too. Guess shitheads will be shitheads no matter what. I assume she shut the hell up after that response?

      I’ve never seen the user “Erica” comment on my blog before. I felt like it was a random and won’t happen again.

  2. Any new jams you’ve been listening to? Back in the day you were kicking them out every post or so.

    I squat to this song sometimes. Not sure what type of music you want to hear. I have broadened my horizons.

  3. I’m all over the place with music. Except country. Just can’t do it.

    I’ll start linking some music for ya.

  4. Please dress as Wolverine when you go to see it, claws and all. Bishes love cosplay.

    Is this Wolverine-esc enough for you? BTW that’s my friend Dobo. He’s awesome.

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