Update: Will be doing the Top-Gun Movember request this weekend. As well as the Ace Ventura Mission Impossible segment.

It’s hard to shop when you weight more than 180 pounds these days. This is Shawn A.K.A. The Law Dragon. He weighs 240. This shirt is an XL.

You’ll notice he can’t button the top.

The same goes for jean shopping. I have to buy a 38-32 because my legs won’t fit into anything else. Anyone who lifts heavy knows that their abs get thicker too. That causes a convex stomach which makes things worse when you sit down. Your abs bulge outward into your pants waistline making it uncomfortable. These two things make buying pants/shorts a fucking nightmare. Guess I’ll have to buy elastic waistband shorts.

Heres a sweet picture of my friend Ben. He is in the military. He is one cool dude.

They could be faster

Bench: 340×5/325×5/315×5
Press: 225×2/245×2/265×2
Dips: BWx10x5
Seated DB Curls: 25x15x3
Tweaked my neck during Pressing. Got a headache from it. Skipped some accessory work.

Squat: 440×3/425×3/410×3 Tired as fuck from Deadlifting/Extracurricular activities.
RDL’s: 185x5x3
Rows: 185x5x3
Sled Pulls: 175/On the min/10 min

Bench: 395×2/430×1/430×1 Slingshot
Floor Press: 295×2/315×2/335×2
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×12
DB Curls: 4×10
Sled walk/180lbs/10 Min Walked because I forgot my running shoes

Deadlift: 500×5/315×6 Touch and Go
Front Squat: 315×5
BW Pull-Ups: 3×10/2×5
Back Extensions: BWx12x3

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  1. I went to a show the other night and bought the band’s t-shirt from the merch table. The next morning I tried it on and it’s literally painted on, I would look like a total douche in it. It’s an XL too.

    I guess it’s the price we pay to look this good eh?

    • A local skate shop sells elastic waist shorts by Stussy that are really comfortable. I think they go up to XXL or even XXXL. If you have an skateboard shops in your area, see if you can find them.

      I just checked out their website. Are the clothes cheaper in the store? The shorts are like 50-60 bucks online.

      • The website doesn’t actually have the shorts that my local skate shop sells for whatever reason, but the skate shop here sells them for $40. I bought my first pair years ago and still wear them, so it’s $40 well spent.

        I’ll scour the local area to find a skate shop.

  2. My favorite shorts right now are from Target. I think they are Merona brand? They sit above the knee slightly. I’m no where near your legs size wise, so they might be tight. But they’re cheap.

    Thing that pisses me off most is I’m between a 30 and 32 for pants length. If I get 30, they end up shrinking in wash somehow and then they are too short. If I get 32 they don’t shrink for some god damn reason and are too long.

    First world problems.

    Noted. It’s a tough life isnt it?

  3. I got some Levi’s button up shirts for less than dressy times when I still want to look nice. I could put on the XLs but there was no room for arm movement at all. I went with the XXL, and even in that its’ snug around my upper back an shoulders. I’m 5’10” 215. I am not an Extra Extra Large human. What is this I don’t even

    Thankfully I can still wear normal Levi’s jeans, in a 559 (relaxed straight). Eventually my thighs and hips will get bigger and I should be able to move to the 569 (loose straight) without a problem. If I outgrow that style I don’t know what I’ll do. Cry probably. Maybe buy pants that are too big in the waist? I refuse to wear any other brand of jeans.

    Carhartt makes some twill work shorts that are comfortable for me, and they breathe pretty well in hot weather. They’re long though, past my knees. They’re called “Utility Work Shorts” or something. I wear a 36/32 if it gives you an indication.
    Actually, here they are:

    Woah! They go “Past the knees”?!?!?!?!? Why aren’t you showing off your thighs dude?

  4. I’ve always had the jean problem too, but I just bought a pair of Levis 569 that are 99% cotton 1% elastane and it was a total game changer for me. I can sit in a full squat without any jean hike-up. full ROM all day. my only pair of jeans that dont feel like a prison

    I hate it when clothes feel like a prison. You’re never comfortable like that.

  5. Been hooked on the chubbies ever since my first pair. In my opinion, definitely worth $50 for the high quality and free shipping. But you’re right man, clothes seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

    I need to nut up and buy some chubbies.

    • I feel like there’s a stigma attached to em, but then again who gives a fuck?

      Stigma my ass. Who cares man. Short shorts are fucking sweet as long as you have some leg to fill them out.

      • I’m contemplating some chubbs, but the website says the biggest size (XL) has a leg opening of only 26.5″.

        I have never measure the leg holes. I’ll have to check that out on the shorts I wear now to see if that will work out.

      • Can’t argue with that

  6. I hate clothes, so I just got a giant tuxedo tattoo.

    You’re ahead of the times my friend

  7. AC, what are your thoughts on Compensatory Acceleration Training? It seems the hot thing right now so I’ve started trying it, and my pulls feel faster, but who knows. I also pull all my warmup reps as fast as possible after watching guys like Eric Lilliebridge and Pete Rubish rip their warmups as Shankle would describe as “ripping the head off a goddam lion”. Thoughts? Feelings?

    Every warm-up set should be faster than the one before it. That’s the mentality we have always used. Honestly, I have no clue what Compensatory Acceleration Training is. It seems, from what I’ve just googled, it’s just speed work. Please correct me if I am wrong? I agree with lifting fast though. There should never be a set where you just “go through the motions”. That doesn’t get you anywhere. You should always attack the reps man. Similar to sex. When you sleep with your g/f or wife are you a robot? No. You want to pleasure your partner as much as possible as well as yourself. Sex isn’t any fun/good when you’re a robot. Neither is lifting. You go hard in the paint or you won’t see much action.

    • The main point I took from that is never to sleep with a robot.

      It is basically speed work from what I’ve read, but I think the one difference in emphasis is that with CAT you want to keep accelerating through the whole lift. I also think CAT stays away from accommodating resistance and just focuses on moving the bar faster as you move past the weak point of the lift. Really I just see it as doing a rep as fast as humanly (not robotly) possible.

      Fuck lol. I can see a use for it. Maybe you can add a rotation into your routine to have some speed days. I have speed squats/pulls in mine.

  8. Your buddy Ben looks like he has some badass tats.

    I just had this situation last weekend. I was shopping for just a plain pair of khakis that didn’t look like MC Hammer pants and finally just had to call it quits after getting frustrated. I should just wear my Carhartt pants to work and just fist fight whoever has an issue with it.

    Deads looked solid. Whenever you go to your next meet what are your goals for numbers?

    Fighting is always the answer. I’d like to go 562/600/402. I’d be really happy with those numbers.

  9. I have nike tennis shorts and the have 5″ inseam, definitely show off the legs. They are solid, and I almost tea bag people if I spot them on bench. It’s classic. A.C. I’m looking forward to the Top Gun scene. Still one of my favs. I’m doing 5,3,1 right now, did squats at 315 for 19 reps today, and did deadlift at 345 for 21 reps a few days earlier.

    • Dude, those are some awesome numbers. What kind of assistance exercises do you use? Any specific plan or what?

      • Thanks! I have done starting strength, texas method and Jim Wendler’s 5,3,1 program. For me 5,3,1 is where I get the best gains.
        Leg day: Back Squats, Front Squats, 4×12, Hamstring curls 3×15, Quad extension 3×15, Calf raises
        Chest: Bench 5,3,1, Dumbell press, 4×10, Weighted dips 3×15, Incline flies 3×15, Barbell curls, 4×10
        Back: Deads 5,3,1, Narrow Pulldowns 4×10, Dumbell rows 3×15, Weighted pullovers 3×15,
        Shoulders: Press 5,3,1, Dumbell press 4×10, lateral raises 3×15, tricep rope extensions 3×15.

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