Had a sweet weekend at the lake. Got some solid tanning in. I also got caught checking out Jessie while her dad and brother were fishing. Eating peanuts didn’t help my posture and facial expression.

I may also have a job soon in Louisiana. The head S&C coach over there (Brandon) said the chances got higher with a new athletic director. I am excited and extremely nervous. We will see if I get it or not soon enough.

I recorded this last bench set solely for the purpose of more people hearing Callahan “Sting” talk.

Bench: 340×5/325×5/315×5
Press: 225×2/235×2/245×2
DB Incline Press: 100x10x3
Dips: 135x3x3
Curls: 40x10x4
Sled Pulls: 90lbsx10

Squat: 440×5/425×5/410×5
Power-Clean: 205x3x3
Reverse Hypers: 120x8x3
Fat Grip Lat-Pulldown: 110×10/120×10/130×10

Bench: 375×4/405×1
Close-Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×15
DB Curls/Hammers: 6×10

Squat: 495×2 Wasn’t particularly difficult. Coming in off a bad sleep schedule from the weekend.
Front Squat: 315×3
DE Deadlift: 315/On the Min/10 Min
Pull-Ups: 25x5x5
Back Extensions: 35x10x3

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  1. If I met Jessie, I would probably begin with a very classy first line, something like “say sweet thang, can I buy you a fish sandwich?” and then I would commence to whisper sweet words in her ear, something like “man I’d like to take a bite outta yo butt.”

    She’d probably say yes to the fish sandwich. Most of the time she out-eats me. College athletes have an appetite.

  2. Hahaha that pic is hilarious man! Glad to hear about the job opportunity; I hope it works out for you. Any plans on competing in PL again soon?

    Thanks. It depends on whether I re-locate or not, now. I don’t want to sign up for a meet, then I have to move. Once I get settled into a job/location I will for sure compete again. Hopefully thats in a few months.

  3. lol that pic. love it. hope the job offer works out man! Keep us posted!

    I most certainly will. At least someone appreciates my creepiness.

  4. What sport does she play? Super curious. Good luck with the job offer man. Louisian’ would be a nice relocation I think.

    She plays soccer. She also has sight in only one eye. The mere fact that she is successful in a sport that directly requires depth perception should make us all feel bad.

    • Dude, were you there with her? Or was it just a coincidence? I mean, she looks pretty freakin’ good.

      It was about a year before I knew her. No doubt that she looks good for sure. She just gets nervous about her eye. The cornea is misshaped.

      • Gotcha. Not sure what your current relationship status is, but i’m giving you two thumbs up, chief.

        Thanks man. The sad part is that every girl I’ve ever talked to has always made the initial effort to talk. It’s like they have to shove it in my face that they are interested. I’m kinda dumb when it comes to girl interaction.

        • Damn. I feel the same way. All of my efforts with girls this past year pretty much have just fallen apart. I know what you mean about just sitting back and waiting.

          ha honestly I never really try. I don’t care that much. If they come to me thats cool. I’ve never been a “Dude I HAVE bang chicks kinda guy”.

          • Ha i’m not that way either/not what i meant. I’m a hopeless romantic personality. Call me gay, but I enjoy actual romance. Anyway…

            lol comment 10/10. Would read again.

  5. I only have sight in one eye too, we must be soulmates. Get her on a plane to California, stat.

    What was the cause of your loss?

    • When I was little I was staying with a babysitter for the day. Another little kid there found a broken PVC pipe in the yard with a very jagged edge and started jabbing it at my face. He connected on one of the jabs and cut pretty deep under my left eye. It did a lot of damage and left me with a macular scar that can’t be fixed. I have a very thin ring of sight in that eye around the blind spot. I was about 7 when it happened.

      What a little shit. She got into a car accident. Her friend was driving and she hit a big brick mail-box. Glass got into her eye during the crash as well as air bag dust. She thought she was wiping the dust out of her eye when she accidentally wiped out some of her cornea. You and her both have a little bit of vision. She can only see like a tad bit of peripheral. Did your eye go lazy?

      • No, they kept both eyes covered for quite a while to prevent any problems, so it’s not lazy.

        She is doing some eye patch work 30 minutes a day to strengthen her eye. She is worried it might get lazy.

  6. How tall are you btw. 5’11?

    You are correct. I’m pretty average height.

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