Superman was ok

This was written by my close friend Brent Kim circa 2009/2010

The day Arin pulled 475lbs for 5 at the athletic club, he took about ten minutes to reach a level of excitation appropriate for a PR deadlift attempt. He stopped making jokes and being intentionally dumb and went off into a corner and listened to music. The song was NIN’s The Day The Whole World Went Away.

“When I listen to music, I associate it with like scenes from the movie I’ve seen it from,” he says. “You know in the trailer when John Connor is shouting, ‘IF WE STAY THE COURSE, WE ARE DEAD. WE ARE ALL. DEAD.’ That’s what I think of when I hear this song.”

When Arin pulls, the bar inches off the floor and then rapidly gains acceleration as it clears his knees. Each repetition appears to be max effort, not because it looks hard, but because of the emotion scrawled across his face. He commits every part of himself to each effort, and impossibly, the bar moves.

This was my first impression of him.


She talks to him about possibility, and he hopes.

He loses sleep over her when she is on his mind.

“The more she was in my life, the more I was gonna think about her, and the more I think about her, the more fucked up I was gonna be,” he says.

“Arin’s like you,” Justin tells me. “He gets nervous around girls. Like one time, one time we were at a bar, and I was talking to this girl, and I tried to introduce them to each other, not trying to put him in an awkward situation but to you know, get him talking to this chick, but he thought I was making fun of him, and he wouldn’t talk to her, and then he wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night.”

when was the last time you were nervous around a girl, I text him.

last night, he says. tell me about this girl you are nervous about.

oh i’m not nervous about anyone, i was just asking



Arin wears a size L/XL shirt. He is hardly one of the largest lifters who have pressed in the Wichita Falls Athletic Club, but he is certainly one of the most accomplished. The last time we trained together, he was scheduled to overhead press 232lbs for a set of five.

On the fifth press, he stalls close to his forehead, but tenaciously drives his chest under the bar, and grinds the bar to lockout. He is shouting so much with the effort that it is echoing in the athletic club, and after he racks the bar, he finds the air to scream again as he walks away, as if the residue exertion from his seemingly limitless reserves of strength can’t be contained in his body.

We find him in the Oly lifting room, reviewing the video, watching himself and examining what he did correctly and what he could have done better. His hands are shaking.


The first time he said good bye to me, he hugged me, without trying to be dramatic or homosexually funny. It was just a hug.

He is a man who is not afraid to tell you he loves you.


He laughs often. It is not hard to make him laugh. For an hour at Buffalo Wild Wings, I remember Arin laughing at literally everything Chris did. Chris was just making faces. While filming Justin’s impression of Ricky Bruch squatting, Arin is so overcome with laughter that he rolls off his heels and falls onto his back. This is all on video. Justin says that he does this when he laughs really hard.

Arin feels with all of his heart.

—-Brent Kim

Went and saw Man of Steel on Saturday.

It was alright. The movie was significantly better than Superman Returns. However, Shawn liked Superman Returns more. Hopefully this movie is a series. Most of the time the first in the series is never really that good considering it has to be an “origins” type film. A good example is Batman Begins. When it came out I didn’t fall in love with it right away. I actually didn’t like it that much. Viewing it as part of a series now makes it mean that much more. Plus I’ve seen it like 90 times since it came out. Seeing a movie more than once changes things, forever. Not that anyone gives a shit, but I really like movies.

Bench: 405×2
Floor Press: 275×2/295×2/315×2
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 4×18
DB Curls: 30x10x2/40x10x2
Conditioning: 4 Rounds of 100lb Farmers Walk – 40 Yards/10 Burpees

Dealift: 530×3
DE Squat: 225/On the min/10 min
Pull-Ups: BWx10x5
Back Extensions: 3×12

  1. I didn’t like Batman Begins as much as The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises. I felt like he made Gotham too “cartoony” with the way he depicted the Narrows, Wayne tower, the tram system, etc. The way Gotham was depicted in TDK and TDKR was so much better in my opinion. That’s the one detail that always bugged me about Batman Begins.

    I agree. The city didn’t feel “real” to me either unlike The Dark Knight and Rises. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the Pittsburgh skyline for Rises. I thought Chicago was perfect.


    *goes and cries*

    lol it didn’t have that clean feel like Chicago did. That didn’t work for me especially since it was supposed to take place 8 years after the second film. There was something special about the street level scenery in The Dark Knight that Rises didn’t seem to catch, for me of course.

  3. I wish you would hug ME.

    lol one day man. I give good hugs.

  4. Someday I will fuck you up with a hug. And then you’ll overhead press me for reps.

    Ha thats a viscous combination

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