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Went to Valdosta Wake Compound over the weekend. I don’t wake-board, but my heterosexual life-mate owns the place.

If you’re in the Valdosta area you should give it a shot. It’s off exit 13 on 75. Like I said I don’t wake-board, but it’s probably nice to try other activities. Especially since the danger level is relatively low.

If you’re not seeing a Chiropractor you’re doing it wrong. Been seeing a Chiro for about 3 weeks now. He has been adjusting/fixing my shoulders. Over the past few weeks I have lost some internal/external rotation in my right arm. Unless I were to take like 6 weeks off theres nothing I can do about it besides get it corrected once in a while. Some times all the mobility in the world can’t stop short-term injuries and super inflamed shoulder/back musculature.

You might want to see a Chiro here and there. They can be pricey so I suggest you make friends with one ASAP.

Bench: 340x5x3
Press: 185x3x3
DB Incline Bench: 100×10/120×8/140×6
Dips: BWx10x3
DB Curls: 4×10
Sprints: 25×8

Squat: 440×5/425×5/410×5
Power-Cleans: 185x3x3
Lat Pull-Downs: 3×10
Back Extensions: 35x10x3

Bench: 400×2
Close-Grip: 340x3x3
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×20
DB Curls: 4×10
Sprints: 20×8

Squat: 485×2/500×2
DE Deadlifts: 275/On the min/Ten min
Pull-Ups: 25x5x5
Back-Extensions: 25x10x3

  1. How’d the business plan turn out for that place?

    It’s still in progress. It’s a lot to figure out considering we start from scratch.

  2. I’m petitioning for a power clean video, cause I suck pretty bad at them and I pretty much learned how to deadlift by watching your videos reallllly closellly. Creepy?

  3. enlightenedsnipe

    Hey man, super late response here because I’ve been off the grid on my honeymoon. I’d also suggest seeing a DO if there are any in the area. They can do the structural adjustments like chiros can and can also do a variety of stuff to help correct muscular imbalances that pop up when lifting heavy weights. Also depending on what you have they can be covered by insurance.

    Thanks for the tip. Theres gotta be one around ATL. Hows the honeymoon?

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